Visualization of the elevation of a single-family house, carport and fence.

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    I need to make 3d models of two selected climbing stones in Sketchup software Conditions: - models properly scaled, - model made as solid (no errors when checked with the "solid inspector" plugin - models must be lightweight (low weight, low amount of "poly"
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    I am looking for a person who will prepare a 3D design based on a 2D drawing. It is about a figure in the style of a nutcracker. The project should include all proportions to be able to prepare figures of different sizes according to this (production will include both a 5 cm and 350 cm high figure)
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    He needs on his site: Add inscriptions on the buildings that highlight that the buildings are, for example, responsible for GAS.
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    To start with 10-15 graphics per month, mostly rendering. Preferred companies with VAT.
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    Hello, We are looking for a graphic designer to work with us to create 3D animations for household products. - Adobe After Effects - Photoshop. I will ask for an hourly rate / assignment
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    I am looking for a person who will make a 3D figure Volgograd figure half ox half man look on or I will send the look of the made sculpture on email
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    Hello, I am looking for a person who will make photorealistic visualizations for me from a 3d Sketchup model. The model is already finished. It is about the visuals themselves. I will provide all information about textures and colors. It is about 5-6 shots: living room, kitchen, dining room, vestibule. The area is about 60m2. Please quote me a price per shot or set. Lead time is about 2 weeks.
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3D graphics
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Job description

I will commission the visualization of the facade of a detached house, a carport and a fence(fence, gate + gate). Attached examples of the style of visualization and a picture of the house to be renovated + an example of the carport and fence.

Type and number of projects:

Design of the house, fence (fence, gate + gate) and carport