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    Developer Wix
    250.00 PLN
    Job Description: We are looking for an experienced Wix developer to enhance our existing website. Our goal is to make the site available in two languages (English and Polish) depending on the user's location. If a user visits the site from abroad, it should automatically switch to English. If a user visits the site from Poland, it should display in Polish. Additionally, we would like the prices to be displayed in the appropriate currency (EUR, PLN, GBP) depending on the user's location (EU, Poland, UK). Proven experience developing and managing websites on the Wix platform. Knowledge of web programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Experience implementing multilingual sites on Wix. Knowledge of integrating localization services for language and currency settings. Accuracy and ability to provide a seamless user experience.
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    P3AK Studio
    P3AK Studio is looking for a skilled video editor to collaborate on creating short films and video clips for Instagram and TikTok, animations, as well as editing and producing podcasts. If you have experience in video editing and want to work on exciting projects, join us! Requirements: - Experience in video editing - Proficiency in video editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere, After Effects) - Creativity and attention to detail Interested candidates are requested to send a description of their experience, portfolio, and references or testimonials.
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    P3AK Studio
    P3AK Studio is looking for a creative graphic designer to collaborate on creating logos, social media post templates, business cards, flyers, UI/UX designs, and advertising banners. If you have experience in graphic design and a passion for creating unique visual projects, we want you on our team! Note: This doesn't have to be one person. We need individuals for visual identity, social media templates, UI/UX projects, and 3D graphics. Requirements: - Experience in graphic design - Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop/Affinity Photo, Illustrator/Affinity Designer, XD/Figma, Affinity Publisher, Blender - Creativity and attention to detail Interested candidates are requested to send a description of their experience, portfolio, and references or testimonials.
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    P3AK Studio
    P3AK Studio is looking for a talented freelancer to collaborate on creating websites, landing pages, and blogs. If you have experience in developing modern, responsive websites and a passion for coding in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, we want to hear from you! Requirements: Experience in website development Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the Bootstrap 5 framework Familiarity with CMS platforms (e.g., WordPress) Interested candidates are requested to send a description of their experience, portfolio, and references or testimonials.
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    I will prepare the architrecture of the site, I will also take care of the texts and photos. The site must have 3 languages. Translations are on my side. We can build on a ready-made template, but the site must meet all functional and aesthetic requirements. These to be determined at the beginning of cooperation. Graphically, the site must be delicate, warm and sensual. Color scheme - earth tones. Implementation time - up to six months. Very important is the fast loading of the site. Admin panel can be elaborate, but it must be clear and intuitive. 1. calendar of events - that is, what interesting things are currently happening 2. news and interesting facts about the site. 3. Know how, i.e. - culture, tradition, history, information points.... 4. what to see divided into three main territorial areas (location on the map and the ability to enter these places through the map). and more....
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    Anna Rawa
    Website - portfolio - photo/graphics
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi! I'm looking for someone to help me create a website with a clearly put together Photography and Graphics portfolio. Simple but nicely done in terms of design. I have two bases that I used on the Adobe Portfolio platform - the division of tabs, descriptions and layout will be similar. I look forward to suggestions :) Greetings!
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    I am looking for an IT specialist to code a new graphic design for a job posting website based on a ready-made script PRACA PRO MULTI in HTML. The new graphic has already been designed and has exactly the same setting of modules and subpages of the site as in the old version. In addition, I would like to make some modifications to the script of the site, which is in HTML. Technology profile: https://builtwith.com/detailed/medtalento.pl Scope of work: Coding the new layout of the site, keeping the current structure of modules and subpages. Creation of one static business card sub-page for each company, which will contain information about the company and advertisements posted by it. Adding a ready-made static price list sub-page. Making minor modifications to the HTML page script. Technical requirements: PHP version 7.6 or greater, MySQL version 5 or greater, CRON task manager, GD library, 'mod_rewrite' function enabled, 'wildcard' function enabled. Completion date: Preferred completion date is 7 days from the order.
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    Site in Webflow based on existing theme
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the customization of the creation of a website in webflow based on the theme: https://nero-theme.webflow.io/ and support in its launch (domain configuration). - structure of the site is (5 main pages + 6 subpages + blog) - texts provided by me - photos are to be determined and purchased/selected Requesting a preliminary price range for the service and possible completion date.
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    MIKE_W 10 deals
    Html website
    1000.00 PLN
    I will commission a html website Simple website, no water features However, it requires high quality programming only in html + css + js Wordpress - definitely not attention to PGS > 95/100/100/100 required cleanliness of code knowledge of standards for the purpose of positioning. I am looking for a professional. I am not looking for an agency
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    Kacper Bukowski
    Landing page
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who will design and prepare a landing page for an application based on its design. Due to the fact that it will be only one page I want it to be without any server (Wordpress type) just HTML, CSS, JS files, so it will load as fast as possible. Link to figma application https://www.figma.com/file/nlBeo0JZDAd4Xh68n7swLA/EFWise-main-page?type=design&node-id=2%3A3&mode=design&t=Giw1xGgA1D3nInVd-1
Reprotechnika Wrocław
Reprotechnika Wrocław
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Job description

I need to update the company website: reprotechnika.co.uk. I generally like this layout of the home page: four columns going into one depending on the width of the screen.

The same layout is kept on the other sub-pages and this can be dispensed with.

I don't want any bylines or sliders that take up half the screen. The site simply has to contain as much information about the services as possible.

The biggest problem is that the current template doesn't allow me to update Wordpress to the latest version 6.5, so I can't use the plugins I'm interested in that are currently available on the market.

In summary, I would like to have a site similar to what is there now, but already running on the new Wordpress. I don't care whether this is achieved by modifying an old theme (I bought it a few years ago) or building a new one.

Of course I'm also open to something new, but as I wrote without any unnecessary graphics on half the screen.

You will need an invoice or a contract for work

Required features

Pure Wordpress without additional functionality

Preferable solution