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    I will order the translation of instructions from the machine - a platform on tracks. 50 pages of text with figures and tables. A sample excerpt of the manual in the attachment.
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    luk.wolny 1 deal
    Looking for a person to translate the texts on the website from Polish/English to Romanian in the POEditor tool - 650 expressions.
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    I'm looking for a translator Polish -> Arabic Hotel industry, restaurant Please ask for a quote per word/1800 characters
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    REXUS 1 deal
    I am looking for an experienced translator to take on the task of translating my online store from Polish into Czech. I want the content to be translated in a natural way, inviting to Czech customers, but at the same time faithfully conveying the meaning of the original text. The store will operate under the name The scope of work includes translation of the following: Homepage Product page x2 - Smudgeless Cloths - Cozy Corner™ (5 pcs) 30x20cm - Multipurpose Dishwashing Wire Cloths (5pcs) Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy Shipping & Returns Checkout I am keen that the translation is not literal, but sounds natural and professional in Czech. Please take into account local idioms and language customs to make the text as accessible as possible to Czech customers.
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    Witold Walecki 3 deals
    translation of slovak to polish
    Proposed by freelancer
    Translation Slovak to PolishWelcome to order MTPE (machine translation edition) Slovak to Polish about 110 pages of 1800 characters developer and related subjects (reservations and sale of apartments) please contact us people with knowledge of the subject please provide the rate for MTPE 1800 characters and a link to the proz profile (if any) and CV plus information about the CAT you have
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    Translation into Czech - website
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for an experienced freelancer to undertake the translation of all the content of our website into Czech. The project includes the translation of all text on the site, including articles, product descriptions, marketing texts, company information, and any other content that is available to users.
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    Translation of the smartwatch manual
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a translator who will translate the user manual from Polish to Lithuanian and Latvian. This is a user manual for a smartwatch
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    Katarzyna Paradowska
    Website translation
    5000.00 PLN
    The order would include the translation of into Czech. The site also includes a sales module available after registration.
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    Lukasz_G 5 deals
    I have more than a dozen texts to translate into Lithuanian. Some of the texts are already translated, but need proofreading and re-reviewing. Please give me the rate of full translation of 1800 characters and separately the rate for proofreading 1800zzs of the translated text. It will be in two columns: PL / LT. SEO knowledge and knowledge of construction machinery vocabulary are welcome....
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Łukasz Czarosław
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Translation of 4 user manuals and 4 product descriptions

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Translation of 4 user manuals and 4 product descriptions

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from Polish into Estonian

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