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We are planning to expand our store with additional suppliers. At the moment everything is integrated and products are downloaded and updated via a plugin.

Here's a brief description of how it's supposed to work.

We manually assign products from several wholesalers to the main product categories on our site. A customer entering the automotive category, for example, sees 100 products from different wholesalers. There should be a filter (switch) on the page to show products from warehouse 1, warehouse 2, or all of them. The cart value should be locked to a minimum value. For example, from warehouse 1, it is not possible to order for less than 400 PLN. When you add products and go to the cart, they should be divided by warehouse. For example - STORAGE 1 CART VALUE 500 PLN, - STORAGE 2 CART VALUE 300 PLN, TOTAL 800 PLN.

Details below:

1. add the ability to filter (switch) by warehouse. We have already made the attribute field of WHOLESALE , so it will probably be left to make the switch.

2. hide the SKU code field, and move the ID code in its place. The customer is not to see the SKU codes, they are to be visible only to us.

3. minimum cart value by store. We already have a suitable plugin for this, it blocks by attribute. It will probably remain only to configure it.

4 Split order by warehouse. The customer is supposed to see the products from each warehouse and the value in the cart. He is also supposed to be able to add or reduce product quantities directly from the cart.

5. the order you receive should be divided by warehouse. For example, STORAGE 1 list of products, below it STORAGE 2. This is to be as one order, only to be divided "visually".

That is basically all. There may come some minor functionalities, but this we can do later as an additional order. The theme of the store is the author's.

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