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    We are looking for a Front End Developer with experience confirmed by a portfolio. There are UI modifications of SPA from the construction industry/interior design to be made. React.js + CSS with AntD element. Billed hourly or tasks based.
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    We had a site set up on this template - Unfortunately the CSS crashed. We also have many attempts to hack the site. I need to put up the site anew on this template with import of vehicles that were left in the backup ( with crashed CSS), secure it and make it stable. The server is getting maximum load values. In addition, our email is signaling lack of space - I need support here too.
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    Making a new website
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good Morning, Current website: I deal with industrial laundry equipment my products are mainly machinery equipment and to a lesser extent accessories I would like to be able to enter news, also adding products as well as edit the site is important to me. We have many interesting realizations so I would also like to put them there I would like to do something along the lines of: or maybe But maybe I'm wrong and it won't be suitable for my industry. Examples of competitors: Product (machines about 100-200) descriptions will be copied from the manufacturer's websites along with flyers and photos. If there is a need to translate it will be translated and provided, if something is not on our suppliers' sites we will provide it. Parts - this is just a description and a link with a redirect to the online store Training - this is just a description and a link with a redirect to the training page About us - will be prepared BLOG will be prepared FAQ will be prepared Contact with form I am considering preparing the site also in English If there is any additional information needed please write.
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    BG LW 1 deal
    a simple website with basic CRM
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a contractor for a very basic website with a simple CRM, where: - the customer on the main page makes a purchase of a service (tpay/payu payment plug-in) - after the purchase, he gets an email with a personalized link to a form in which he has to provide detailed data and attach some files - these files are uploaded to the server, and the customer no longer has access to them - from the CRM side the following functionalities are needed: * administrator account (management of form fields, content of email templates, data/documents entered by customers and analysts). * analyst accounts created before the administrator, which only have access to the data sent by customers, without the possibility of downloading these files (only preview), but broken down by customers, i.e. if Kowalski sent file X and Nowak sent file Y, the files are to be assigned to the cards of specific customers. * In addition, the ability to search for customers by form fields and mark their status (statuses defined by the admin) in the service process.
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    miloszwagnerpl 7 deals
    Creating a football club website on the provided WordPress template. Including setting up all options. League table, next / last match, lineup, player and staff cards, etc....
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    Agencja Reklamowa Kapuscinscy
    it's about rewriting the site to pure html + css the site is currently probably on wordpress system:
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    markol 8 deals
    Preparing a page with the system
    Proposed by freelancer
    We will commission a company's website using Wordpress technology. Parameters: - more than 100 offer-blog pages (including copywritten texts complying with the guidelines in terms of content and SEO) - attractive graphic design ( dedicated infographics for individual services ) - individual contact forms for each service - system of ordering calls with a consultant - The site has to meet high standards for SEO and performance with Pagespeed ( above 90% ) - responsiveness (for the site must be made system in laravel) - login system for customers and employees ( adding and managing contracts, modification of customer data, mailing option, adding documents for customers in the system, the ability to buy packages of additional services and create them in the system and then manage these services)
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    RobertoR 1 deal
    Conversion of menu on wordpress (mobile version) 3 dropdown menu bars move to subcategories and back
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    CT-Container Sp z o.o.
    Website for a shipping company on Wordpress
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I am looking for a person who specializes/knows a business about transportation/shipping and will put up a simple, informative site on Wordpress. The domain is already purchased
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    Astrone 1 deal
    Wordpress Developer [not an agency].
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person for permanent cooperation in the matter of building sites on wordpress. We are interested in cooperation only with freelancers and not agencies. The range of hours is set individually. We have projects for 10h, where 150h projects are waiting in the queue
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Web pages
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web site
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Job description

Integration of existing site with Asari real estate office software. Only import and presentation of offers without the possibility of editing on the site. In addition, a search engine for imported offers.

Required features

Back-end - Cyclical bid import Front-end - offer list presentation - offer presentation - offer search engine

Preferable solution

Preferred bids from people/companies who have already carried out such integration.