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    One of the first and larger projects will be to prepare illustrations for the configurator. You will need: known breeds of dogs/cats in 2 positions and a human figure in 2 positions whose complexion, hair and clothing colors will change. Portfolios are welcome. Anyone interested, please send me a message with a date for when I can get a sample of the illustrations (pet/human) I mentioned at the top (settling the settlement in advance). In addition to the configurator, there will be a lot of designs to prepare, more or less complicated.
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    Olmark 6 deals
    Good day. I am looking for a creative graphic designer to make advertising banners/graphics for the product pages of an online store and sometimes for its social media. Themes - window decor. Often product photos on a white background are available. It is very important that the graphic designer has a vision and an idea of how to arrange from them a banner advertising the product in an elegant, clean and professional form. I include sample product photos in the attachment. I am requesting a quote for a single graphic and a subscription of 5-8 graphics/month. Additional requirements: 1. transfer of copyright and source files. 2. the possibility of establishing permanent cooperation in future projects. 3. Use of images legally obtained/purchased from banks. Please send me your portfolio. Thank you and greetings sincerely.
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    Michał 15 deals
    Graphic designs for T-shirts
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I am looking for a graphic designer/graphic artist to work with me to create designs for T-shirts. Probably 5 designs to start, the graphics themselves still to be discussed, but will be based on drawings in color, in the file I added a sample design, which I will present the form of the graphics themselves. :) More details after receiving an offer with a portfolio. I will get back to selected people, thanks in advance for any proposal! :) + In addition, I have some smaller graphic issues that I am happy to outsource, so possible longer cooperation. :)
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    Wajnert Meble 9 deals
    Good day, We are looking for a graphic designer, to perform orders for various types of graphic materials such as: banners for ecommerce, flyers, posters such as for recruitment, product ads, promotional flyers
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    We will commission banner ads
    Proposed by freelancer
    We will commission the creation of advertising banners, based on existing content. Implementation from now on. Those willing, please contact me. Thank you.
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    Logo design + brand book.
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a contractor to refresh an existing brand. A logotype and a brand book are to be made. If interested, please send me your proposed fee along with completion time and a link to your portfolio.
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    Marzena Wójcik
    Creation of graphics: vector animation
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I am looking for a person who will create graphics: vector animation for brand promotion on social media. Model of such animation: We want to show the combination of our two projects. The time of the animation, is about 20-30 seconds. Preliminary idea: a piggy bank is X-rayed and money is shown in it, for this there are descriptions. (The idea, of course, to be changed with the graphic designer).
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    Legalfor 23 deals
    I will commission the design of the appearance of a mobile application (tourist guide) In the message, please send me a portfolio of app designs and the proposed price and completion time
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    res.end('Hello World!'); 12 deals
    Online store design
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the design of the main page and subpages of the online store. Condition - the main page must be ready today, the subpages tomorrow. Please contact me and send a portfolio to people who are able to undertake this topic.
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    Logotype - Marine Aquaristics
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I will commission a 2d logo design with the name of our marine coral farm + a micrograph of some coral in the logo
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Job category:
Graphic projects
Expected budget:

150.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
vector graphics
Valid until:

Job description

As GSPS Foundation for the 5th anniversary of the first charity event we want to use a modified logo of the first edition. The original is unfortunately in PNG 1000x1000, so we need to redraw it to vector, but it is a very simple design (available in the attachment to the order).

From this source file we need several result files:

- GSPS letters in vector in black and white version

- The same with the "Classic" lettering added at the bottom in a specific font (with the help of curves) underneath

- The second image from the attachment (black letters, red gradient in the background) rendered in vector, which will serve us as the basis for the stickers (that's why it should also have bleeds and have a .pdf version, I will, of course, provide the selected artist with information about the printing house requirements).

We are very concerned about time, ideally we would like to receive the designs by next Saturday.

Thanks in advance for your offers!

Type and number of projects:

- Vector: GSPS letters - black and white version in separate files (.svg should be fine) - Vector: GSPS letters - black and white version in separate files, both with "Classic" added at the bottom in Rhajdani font - Vector: GSPS letters in black version on red gradient background (similar to the image in the attachment) prepared for printing with bleeds, also in .pdf version as recommended by the printing house