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    Kasia So Many Stories 19 deals
    Making animations
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day :) I will commission an animation. I attach an image for reference. On the screen are to copy data from one side to the other. And - if possible - the fingers are to move. With greetings, Kasia
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    A dozen or more seconds 2D/3D commercial spot of a new laundry IT system. 3-4 frames from the system + advertising slogans.
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    I would like a very short animation to be in my INTRO on the videos - lasting a maximum of 5 seconds. And also an animation at the end of the video that encourages you to subscribe to the creator's channel and write comments and click that you liked the video I can show a video from YT on which one of the animations I like, I will provide the colors I like, I will give more details in a specific conversation, of course. I don't know in what program you will do it, but it is possible that in After Effects. I don't know about software, however I need a good looking animation for my videos. Preferably people from POLAND or Lodz to make it easier to talk about the project.
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    Holiday Club
    Octopus animation for a website
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, we are looking for a person to make an animation of an octopus character to be placed on a website. We already have the design of the octopus in ai version - it needs to be "animated" - welcome sequence and a more dynamic one (jumping, rocking, etc) - gif format (max 300kb) If you have any additional questions necessary for pricing, please contact me
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    xb 2 deals In the document described, we care about something simple, we care about time
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    Good Studio
    Logotype Animation
    Proposed by freelancer
    I'm looking for a person to animate a logotype details after choosing a person to work with
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    Fenix VET
    3D Animation of Surgery
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I am looking for a person to make a 3D animation about wound regeneration. Ideal design: I want the animation to be much shorter than the one on youtube and more realistic.
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    Fenix VET
    Good afternoon, Please prepare for me a 3D animations: 0-4 - close-up from the silhouette of the dog to its brain 4-9 - transformation from the shape of the brain to a cluster of neurons with transmitted impulses 9-20 - close-ups on neurons with transmitted impulses 20- 22 - return to brain shape from neuronal focus 22-28 - image captions appearing 28-35- return to view of brain shape 35-39 - returning to the view of the animal 39-42 - logo with caption Example:
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    Animation/ Video/ Spot
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission an animation/video/spot to encourage people to download and install a mobile application. I accept the use of stock materials. Deadline for completion by September 19 (with revisions). Please provide me with examples of previous work and a quote for completion of the order. Thank you
Kamil Laskowski
Kamil Laskowski
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Job description

I will commission a simple 2D "movie" to be made, which presents a service such as SEO/website optimization or SEO in general.

The video should be about 30/40 seconds long.

The look of the animation I would be interested in:

More details in a private message.

Type and length:

30/40 second animation