Seeking SEO specialist who will support my creative studio in building a backlink base.

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Recently I was looking for someone here to speed up my site which ultimately led to me doing a redesign and dealing with it myself ultimately getting a score of 97/100 in google speed insights.

I am currently looking for someone to help me create high-quality backlinks to my website (, which is not ready yet, because it started 2 days ago, but there will be a quality blog and more) ).

Creative industry (graphics, website development, UX, copywriting, ad creation) / branding / marketing (but focused on content creation, not, for example, supervising Facebook ads).

I provide ready-made, SEO-optimized content that just needs to be placed somewhere.

I am not interested in any low-quality web / text directories etc, unless some SEO specialist convinces me that it makes sense

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Creativity / graphics / branding

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Krystian Fijał | SEO & Content

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Added: on 2021-05-11


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Added: on 2021-05-10