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    I will commission models of upholstered furniture with visualization Loft style And models without a render for designers
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    I am looking for a person , a company that will make very realistic visualizations of upholstered furniture Along with models to render for interior designers
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    We need support in creating 3 3D graphics that will be used for our company materials. We don't have photos of the devices yet, as they are in the process of being assembled, but we do have visuals and technical drawings. We would like the graphics to look like the devices from the inspiration photos attached to the ad. We need the graphics until 3.10.2022
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    Hello, we are looking for an experienced editor who embraces motion design for the production of an online course in the theme of FIFA 23 made by Bejott. We are only interested in an active player of this game who is talented in editing. This is a larger order for 1/2 months of work , also we will offer an hourly rate. We are also interested in long-term cooperation because we plan to release more FIFA courses. Requirements: - Very good knowledge of the programs: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects - Basic knowledge of the programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop - Knowledge of FIFA - Experience in 2D animation
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    Badus 2 deals
    To make 3d visualizations of playground equipment, along with a drawing with dimensions in CAD (projection, section, front view, and preferably 3D), and to make an index card. We already have several pieces of equipment realized in the form of datasheets, but we need a refresher. Sample visualizations are attached. Due to my expanding product portfolio, I am setting myself up for long-term cooperation rather than a one-time order. Before making a choice, I would like to see samples of the capabilities of the person carrying out the order, so please send me a sample visualization of the product. Preferred people from Malopolska. Sometimes it is good to see live what will be visualized :)
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    PROFPELL 2 deals
    The subject of the project will be to make a functional model of the product in 1:5 / 1:8 scale on the basis of dfx drawings, we have most of the drawings, creating from scratch will require such details as: actuators, screws( although we can use them from commercial) Model of the machine is to be a demonstration model for customers and it would be nice if it had at least some of the functionality of the machine, i.e. the ability to move parts or lift.
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    1. 3D visualization of a residential building (semi-detached) at the back and front of the building based on an architectural design provided by the client, including all projections and sections. Visualizations in both day and night scenery (4 shots in total). Additionally, 3D visualizations of the estate (at least 2-3 shots) and visualizations of the entire estate from a bird's eye view (at least 2 shots) based on the aerial photos provided by the client of the plot on which the estate will be built. The estate will consist of 2 rows of buildings - 1st row of 7 buildings, 2nd row of 6 buildings, road through. The client wants the most photo-realistic shots. 2. 3D visualization of room layout projections based on the provided architectural design - 2 views of the ground floor and 2 views of the floor.
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    Bausound Sp. z o.o.
    Product advertising . Product to be rendered from a finished solid ( .stp or other CAD format). We have a storyboard prepared.
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    AnnaDembov 1 deal
    I need to add bones to a simple 2-legged animal model in Blender. Possibly some animation moves (walking and jumping up). Who is willing to do it? What price and deadline for completion?
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    AI-style NFT collection
    1000.00 PLN
    Looking for an artist to make AI or Vintage style NFT collections for me! 999 or 1444 NFT, accessories may be repeated. Important quick delivery 1-2 wks
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DDITEAM Sp. z o.o.
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Job category:
Design and 3d
Expected budget:


Preferable skills:
Valid until:

Job description

Scope of work in the order:

- local inspection at client's place;

- modeling of the whole

- creation of material list, complete with screws, washers, etc. - all BOM;

- creation of detailed documentation;

- SolidWorks, Step, dxw, dwg files of all elements;

- the head system is to have the possibility of quick disassembly;

-head is to be XYZ adjustable;

- horizontally adjustable;

- vertically adjustable;

- chokes installed on the actuator to be able to adjust speed;

- design of pneumatic and electric cables from the sensors - installation of several sensors on the actuator

- actuator on articulated joints to compensate for misalignment or suggest other solution;

- guidance on rails and rolling carts e.g. HIWIN;

- replaceable inserts at the ends of the pliers with different spikes (model three variants);

- the head should be able to catch 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 squared timber simultaneously;

- calculate the squeezing force and present the calculations and describe them;

Preliminary concept is marked on the screenshots.

Type and number of projects:

Modeling in Solidworks or other similar software