Rendering of a house (semi-detached house). Ground floor and first floor.

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    The rooms in question are specifically: -salon-ok 17m -sitting room-about 12m - hallway-about 5,5m The project, which is intended to streamline the renovation. Functional arrangement of furniture, wall colors, etc.
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    Interior design of a travel agency office
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    Hello I am looking for an interior designer for the creation of a design and concept for the furnishing of a travel agency in the premises of 43 m2. The building is under construction, the premises on the first floor, two walls are window displays. The contractor in the next few weeks needs information on electrical points and guidelines for the type of ceiling and floor, as well as the shape of the social room. Office for two workstations with a small waiting room. The style is elegant and modern. If interested, please contact me. Greetings Pawel
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11.00 PLN

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I am looking for a contractor for the client I support - I do not know if the name is good - a renderer. An example he likes is attached.

I do not know how much these things cost, so I give the price of PLN 11.

Is it a render that should be prepared? house (semi-detached house). Ground floor and first floor.

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420 square meters