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    Ves Vandas Foundation 1 deal
    Commissioning 8 banners
    Proposed by freelancer
    As per the topic. For the website: www.vandas-foundation.com
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    BLACKBEARD 30 deals
    Graphic designer wanted
    Proposed by freelancer
    Pooled graphic designer to continue preparing materials according to the already planned visual identity Must be able to use Adobe Indesing, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop programs To design will be on a regular basis: graphic materials according to ticketing requirements rollup + other additional
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    Ves Vandas Foundation 1 deal
    As in the theme. For the foundation. www.vandas-foundation.com. Yes, to "paste" as a template into an email program.
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    RobertoR 1 deal
    Making Slider, Logos
    Proposed by freelancer
    -3 sliders in webp, size can be 1200x580 px - logo in curves, webp, and favicon
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    For our client, we are looking for a graphic designer to first redesign the icon from the attachment (mono only) for the logo of the housing development he is building, which is called "Honey West" with the slogan "Your Place, Your Home." The redesign of the icon is to add an element in the form of a small chimney - so that it suggests houses, not mountains, as in the original. As for the font, the one from the original can be used, but a font variant at the contractor's discretion will also be welcome. Once the logo is approved, to be made (all materials are to be characterized by simple graphics and minimalism - it is the already made visualizations of the buildings and the estate that are to form the core of the projects): - business cards, - folder, - a 2x3 advertising banner or similar at the contractor's discretion, - A3 poster - 2-3 graphics for the website we hope to establish permanent cooperation with the contractor. greetings sincerely,
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    I have a purchased template for a service website. My site aggregates sites from all over Poland of a particular industry, so I need to design a home page for it, and a city page. Logo, template, color scheme are ready. Please let me know the cost and a link to a portfolio of completed website projects.
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    AKKE sp. z o.o. 3 deals
    I will commission the creation of infographics for my products that will highlight + our products. The products are simple furniture such as tables, hangers, desks and shelves. I am interested in universal communication of the content, that is, to be readable for any language, so without long descriptions, just a simple graphic presentation, not like in the attached project :)
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    Mockup is to draw a cross-section of a skirting board, for example, underfloor and he extends it for me on the photo as mounted on the wall. Examples in the attachment.
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    Tomek 5 deals
    Creating a cover from ready-made floral graphic elements provided from us. The cover should include the inscription 2024. The cover created based on the inspiration included in the attachment. The cover should be created in a vector program. PDF output file editable. I reserve the right to edit the project by us. We need more covers based on other designs/inspiration. If both parties are satisfied with the cooperation then we anticipate a longer cooperation.
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    Maja Rosińska 2 deals
    Hey, hey! I'm an entrepreneur, I have 2 brands, the 3rd will launch around March, and I need some graphic designer to create me a template/scheme for a Power Point presentation. You know, like there are, that slide for title page, slide for title + content, slide for headline/quote alone, etc. My brands: www.instagram.com/psychologokoloporodowy www.psychologiaubioru.com Both brands, as you can see, have their colors, phonos. logos (ofz I will send). If you need, a graphic designer will gather it into a visual identity catalog. Newly emerging brand does not have it yet, I will deliver in the middle of the month - fact, then there will be 2 weeks left for implementation, if it is not enough time, the deadline for this 3rd we will extend. Rate: you tell me. :) I know you have to pay for good work. Deadline: not in a hurry, but it would be nice to wrap it up by the end of February so that I can move forward with everything in March. What is important to me: - maintenance of aesthetics, nice has to be, no - usability - to have all types of slides as in PP - use of existing brand elements, in the sense of necessarily my colors, logo, with periwinkle those leaves/flowers, etc.
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I will commission to improve the quality - logo of the company. You do not need to change anything, just the quality, because currently it is just done on paints and you need to use a good graphics program for it.

The project in several sizes.

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