Przygotowanie nagrania głosowego - automatyczna sekretarka

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    Dr Green 1 deal
    English-speaking teacher
    Proposed by freelancer
    DR GREEN Ltd. is looking for an English-speaking voiceover for a video presenting the history of the company's formation. The duration of the spoken text is about 5 minutes. The speaker gets the translated text. Please send me a voice sample in English with information about the rate.
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    Magdalena Wrobel 2 deals
    Music for meditation for YT channel
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I run a channel on YT, where I publish, among other things, guided meditations. I would like to increase their quality and start publishing dedicated, extra paid meditations. I am looking for someone who is able to create original music including, but not limited to, binaural beats, solfeggio, for example. I am not familiar with the rates, I look forward to suggestions.
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    fabryka_naukowcow 7 deals
    We are looking for people/persons to record lessons for children on programming/game development. The recording is to be voice and screen image (showing the process of programming/game development). No face/vision of the person recording. The lessons are divided into steps, so a single recording takes several to several minutes. There is a ready script (exactly everything to be said) and a program. We are looking for people who are well-versed in at least one of the environments: Python, Unity, Roblox. Interested persons please: - send a voice sample (read attached fragment of the script) - you can along with the screen, but you don't have to - information about the languages/environments in which it is possible to record - a proposal for pricing, e.g. for 1 h of recording (lessons are of different lengths, the course has 30 lessons)
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    Welcome to the heart, Genre does not matter much to me. A song from a minimum length of 3 minutes with the transfer of copyright.
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Job category:
Music and sounds
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Preferable skills:
background music
radio spot
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Job description

Poszukuję osoby, która przygotuje nagrania głosowe gotowych już treści, które posłużą do skonfigurowania automatycznej sekretarki w sklepie online. Schematy rozmowy nie są rozbudowane w związku z tym łączna ilośc treści, którą należy nagrać obejmuję wyłącznie 2 strony. Nagrania powinny być przygotowanie w plikach w formacie wave.

Type and length:

Nagranie obejmuje treści o objętości 2 stron. Treść podzielona została w taki sposób, aby nagrać całość w około 20 plikach w formacie wave.