Programming the adapter for the client software in C #.

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I am looking for a C # developer to do a data vendor for clients' software.

Communication takes place on two-socket interface channels, synchronous and asynchronous (two different ports). Synchronous is used to send messages and receive replies, while asynchronous is used to receive messages subscribed via the synchronous channel.

This part is ready. Let's call it an adapter. There is still the Vendora class to be implemented, which will be used to transfer data from the adapter to the software. The data must be parsed and distributed to the client software using the available API.

For those interested, I can send examples of solutions for other data sources.

The client software provides a base class from which to inherit and overload the required methods used by the program to exchange data.

A callback must be implemented in the class, which will be attached to the adapter, and after receiving the data, it will convert it into the software data model and broadcast using the push method.

Of course, I will provide all the necessary software.

Please specify more or less the budget in the offer.

Should you require additional information, please contact me. I'll explain everything.

Regards, Tadek.

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