Production of a 5-minute advertising clip (pricing for future project)

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    Video tutorials about the application
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the preparation of video tutorials, product packages and animations for applications and their functionalities. Looking for a person with a sense and understanding of technology.
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    I will commission the production of short sequences of Video Intro videos - video animations - introductions and endings to product videos. Each several-second (2-3s) animation must include the company logo, website address, dedicated jingle - sound. The animation must be consistent with the company's color scheme. Animations of 3-4 pieces must be close to each other and consistently identify the company. The jingle - accompanying sound - must be unique and invented to further identify the company. Maybe something along the lines of the sound from Win98 or later versions. Of course, for the intro the starting sound and for the ending animation the sound that closes the "picture". The scope of the company - computer electronics. Color scheme gold - black - gray. I ask for specific proposals for the execution of the order. I care about time and creativity in creating animations. I would like them to be "fresh" projects with musical elements associated with computers.
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    Good morning :-) I have an assignment to remove the background and isolate a moving object (human) from a 32s video. Unfortunately it was not recorded on green screen therefore manual masking will be involved
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    Commercial spot 40-60 sec
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission an advertising spot of 40-60 sec. promoting a brand, mainly for SM. 3-5 shots on close up showing the use of the product and 2 in motion. Footage in the field - in a stable.
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    We are interested in processing them in the style of recordings on Alex Hormozi's channel (not only subtitles, but also approximations and other effects) We are targeting a long cooperation, 20-30 rolls per month, possibly more over time.
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    We will commission the creation of a video that will become a sales presentation of the system. The production of the video will include the recording of views of the system (showing the interface, clicking through the functions), along with voice-over according to the agreed scenario. In addition, we would like it to include some infographics. So we are talking about a static product tour-type video. We estimate the length of the video at about 20 minutes. We want the contractor to be able to approach the task comprehensively - to record the system views, realize the voice layer and edit everything together with the graphics.
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    HOPRODUKCJA Media Sp. z o.o.
    I will commission the following: 1. implementation + assembly - Kitchen furniture assembly. 1-2 min 2 Assembly - Armchair promotional video. 1-2 min
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    Hi, I am looking for a person for permanent cooperation in editing. - together we agree on one format, for which you will prepare elements that will be repeated in subsequent videos (introduction, types of shots, end screens, etc) - I send materials recorded with an iphone, to do is cut, select the best scenes, select background music (if needed), improve colors (if needed) - I send materials once a week, you have a week to edit - I am looking for people with experience - please provide a link to the portfolio
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    WojciechG 2 deals
    Good morning The subject of the order is the preparation of an approximately 10-minute video of a skiing trip with my daughter. The source files are from Insta360 (camera with two lenses, 360-degree image). There are dozens of files with a total time of about 1-1.5h. I don't know if knowledge of Insta360 studio (dedicated software for the camera) is required to edit them, but if so, it's worth it for the contractor to be proficient in it. On top of that, there are some 20-30 photos that can be used. The quality of the videos is typically amateurish with no order or composition so creativity will be needed to make a cool, dynamic video out of this 1h of junk that can be shown to grandparents and friends without disgust. This is a private assignment but I'm looking for a professional performer who can really get anything out of a typical daddy recording. I am not specifying a budget. If you send me a link to something similar and I see that it knocks you off your feet then the issue of cash is not a problem.
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    Ignacy Łoziński 1 deal
    Good day, I am looking for a video editor to improve the existing lessons for my video course. The course was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. The lessons of the course are created in such a way that there is a presentation + in the lower right corner there is a trainer explaining the material (See: File1 example of a slide from the course.jpg). There are errors on the current slides in the course. The work is to replace the existing slides, with the corrected slides. The corrected slides are now ready. There are "transitions" between the slides (See File 2: mcbim.gif). I would like the transitions to be preserved. The number of lessons to be rewritten/re-edited is 72. This is approx. 13h of recording. There are about 470 slides to be edited. I can provide a sample project in Adobe Premier that was used to create the lesson + Packet of effects that were used for the video. Please send me offers from those who are interested, along with an estimate for such a service. Regards, Ignacy Lozinski
Flow Badania
Flow Badania
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promotional video
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Good day, I wanted to inquire about an estimate for an assignment (which may come to us in mid-November). At this point, we do not know the details from the potential client, so please give us an estimate (the top of the estimate range) so that we can calculate the design costs and choose the person we will work with if we receive the order from the client.

The subject will be to make an advertising clip (min. 5 minutes) presenting the services and website (with a store) of a client selling photovoltaic panels.

The video should include animations, photos of the client's products, footage from the website (no footage of people or team).

Materials in the form of photos and graphics from the website will be provided.

I realize that there is not much detail here at this point, but I would ask you to give an upper estimate range for such an assignment.

Type and length:

5 minutes, animated