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    w studio Fotografia produktowa
    Jewellery retoucher needed
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good afternoon, We are in need of someone to take over the retouching of our jewellery. The jewellery will vary from simple bracelets to intricate stones. We are currently in the middle of a test session while we will ultimately be sending back 80-100 images per month. We care about: -good quality of the final image -consistency of the backgrounds and framing of the images -good rate/photo Please apply with your portfolio and a description of your rates per photo.
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    Studio 5:15 am
    Packshots of clothes
    Proposed by freelancer
    I'm looking for a person who will do photos + retouching of clothes - sweatshirts and t-shirts. 30 products, each product 3 flat lay photos and a ghost from the front and back, cut out the background, insert white. ask for a price for the whole or per photo. possible permanent cooperation as a subcontractor. Best regards Stanislaw
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    RunPixie 15 deals
    This job is ONLY FOR PREQUALIFIED STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHERS ONLY, do not apply if you have not been in touch with RunPixie beforehand. The gig requires about 3-4 hours of work, and involves taking approximately 11,000 pictures at the Boston Marathon at a location mutually agreed with us. The number of photos is approximate, and based on a typical number of pictures taken at one spot during a sports event with such a number of participants (40 thousand runners!). You need to have your own camera, but not necessarily a pro one. No post-editing is required. After completing the job, you will need to upload the photos to our server ASAP - each hour matters. Freelancer's payout Contract value: 159.00 USD Useme commission: -9.00 USD Freelancer receives: 150.00 USD To conclude the agreement after the marathon, we'll need not only to receive the photos, but also have your agreement signed, as well as a report on the number of photos uploaded.
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    Poznan 8 deals
    We will commission packshots - pictures of products for use in an online store. The product is scented candles. 2 sizes (small and large) and 7 fragrances of each size. Each photo with the background cut out and white backing. In addition, for each photo we will need a second version with graphic processing in the form of a soft mirror image (examples in the attachment). All photos must be cropped/processed so that within the same size jar when you open the file, it is positioned/cropped in the same place as the others (I don't know if I called it professionally, but I mean unification) Notice. The candles are made of 100% natural ingredients and therefore the wax is not perfectly smooth but has different texture/texture. Although this is acutely positive feature of them, to a layman it may not look inviting compared to paraffin wax counterparts with uplifters. Anyway, you will have to graphically standardize the wax so that it is perfectly smooth.
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    Magdalena Mie
    Food Photographer
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a freelancer who will take pictures based on the menu descriptions of various dishes. These photos will be used for an online ordering website, so they need to be accurate and presentable. Examples of dishes include: English breakfast, Fish and Chips, Red Thai chicken curry, etc.
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    Flawsome! 16 deals
    We are a sustainable juice brand that gives deformed fruit a chance for a second life. We work closely with farmers to source our products and make sure nothing is wasted. Sustainable sourcing practices are key at Flawsome! but we are also committed to providing consumers with healthier beverage options. We are currently undergoing a rebranding process in which we want to move to a more upscale brand. Here are some things to consider: We want to emphasize more the message of "deformed" "wonky" fruit - (different size, shape or color (of fruit with an abnormal aesthetic appearance), which means we want to give more exposure to the word "deformed" "wonky" and pay more attention to the variety of fruit shapes. We are looking for someone who can deliver much more eccentric, unique photographic concepts: The connection between people and fruit - eccentricity/fun/entertainment.
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    Gatta 9 deals
    PACKSHOTS: clothing, underwear, tights
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission packshots with retouching: - clothing - underwear - tights Attached are previews of how it would look like. It is on our side to provide the products to be photographed. Please quote me a price per piece for a quantity of 30 to 50 pieces.
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    Day of the Lady
    We will commission a photo session of stationery products - stickers, planners, magnetic bookmarks. Depending on the product from 3 to 6 photos per product. In some cases we require a photo with a human element, such as holding a planner and writing (hands alone). Repeatability of shots is not important to us. We care about setting up the light well and taking inviting shots. I am sending sample shots in the attachment.
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    I am looking for a graphic designer or someone who can make a thumbnail for a YT video well and professionally. I currently need one, however when someone proves themselves over time I will need about 3 thumbnails a week. Please send me offers with a portfolio
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    PRINT GROUP Sp. z o.o.
    Youtube thumbnail
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a thumbnail for YouTube. Requirements -creativity and proposing your own solutions -portfolio including, but not limited to, business projects (without the typical influencer) -high communicativeness, factual answering of questions, specific time and financial pricing
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Job description

Good day,

We are looking for a graphic designer for a long-term cooperation to take photos for our products. Both arrangement and ordinary packshots in very good quality. These are products from the electronics industry for everyday use. At the beginning, please send us your portfolio. For the first cooperation, we will want to take photos for one product. When the level of cooperation is suitable, we will want to start a long-term cooperation.

Number of photos:

Up to 10 packshots, 10 arrangement photos.

Place or location:

We send the products to the contractor, who creates the entire session at his place.