Processing 2 minutes of video material - elimination of green background and corrections

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    Adrian Cichy
    Audiovisual creation presenter
    Proposed by freelancer
    I'm looking for people to work with, feeling comfortable in front of the camera, who will be able to present themselves in audiovisual creations on the subject of cycling. Knowledge and familiarity with the world of bicycling, welcome, although the most important are: freedom and eristic skills. Audiovisual creations will be based on the presentation of qualities in a product video, on the presentation of key didactic information (how to do something, why it is so and not otherwise), as well as contact with thematic influencers during studio shots with a loose conversation format. Are you interested? Feel free to contact me.
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    Adrian Cichy
    I'm looking for a willing collaborator for audiovisual production with a bicycle theme. I am interested in the creation of product videos, outdoor creations using the product and the leads, as well as the realization of materials on the "road". I am interested in comprehensive cooperation - from contact with the leads, to editing and processing in post production. Part of the realization will take place in Bydgoszcz, although some potential thematic segments, will be implemented throughout the country. I invite you to contact me, all interested, people who have had experience with such productions. Knowledge of cycling, passion is welcome :)
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    I need a person to edit me a 20-30 second video on IG Reels, from footage recorded with an FPV drone. I want it to be dynamic, with music that is the current trend on Instagram. The footage is recorded in 4K, 60fps. In landscape format. I would also like the footage to use slow motion at moments when the drone is very close to the bike. The footage shows the Polish MTB Stunt Champion performing various Stunts and tricks on the bike. I want the footage to be exported in such a way that it loses as little quality as possible on instagram, but also good color grading.
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    iPawcio 2 deals
    Editing a short promotional video.
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order the editing of a short promotional video. A company in the construction industry. I have camera and drone shots ready. The video max 30-40 seconds. At the end of the video I want to add a graphic with the company's details and contact information. I would like to show the whole process of plumbing installation.
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    Kasia z EDA
    We are an online dance studio for women. (VOD e-learning platform) We constantly need a LOT of content to go out on IG, FB, reels, social media ads, trailers, etc. We need someone with a creative mind and familiar with the latest trends to turn some of our footage into engaging SM content. We have a lot of videos and ideas but not enough time! Requirements/Skills: Extensive video editing experience with portfolio. Ads, short engaging promos, social media content - we would love to see these! Creativity - ability to implement creative transitions, speed ramps, effects, and unique cuts - to make the most of whatever footage we have. Making the content unresistible to watch and the product - unresistible to buy. Fast editing, ability to optimize workflow, and create templates you can easily reuse to speed things up. Keeping the projects organised, and timelines neat. Preferably working with Adobe software (premiere pro + AE optional) as this is the software we use. This way we could share our projects, speed up the revision process, etc. Great communication skills and ability to meet deadlines. Teamwork - you may be working on some projects with another editor simultaneously. BONUS: if you have any idea about dancing and worked with dance videos.
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    We are looking for a person to record webinars in English for WebWave. If you know WebWave well, speak good English without a Polish accent, have a bit of a sense of humor and are looking for a vacation assignment, keep reading. We plan to record a series of five 30-minute webinars in English. These webinars will slowly and with details explain how to create pages in WebWave. The topics of the webinars are: How to create a website - WebWave basics How to create an online shop How to create a blog Advanced features of WebWave website builder How to rank your website high in Google Your task will basically be to recreate in English the webinars we have created in Polish. Webinars recorded in Polish can be seen on our YouTube channel. If you are interested in such an assignment, get back to us through the Useme form.
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    Flawsome! Drinks 5 deals
    Jesteśmy Flawsome! i zajmujemy się ratowaniem nieidealnych owoców z których produkujemy soki. Szukamy filmowca, który pomoże nam stworzyć brand video na farmie podczas zbiorów jabłek, a zatem w sierpniu. Sceny które chcemy żeby pojawiły się w filmie to zbieranie jabłek, widok na farmę, rozmowy z rolnikami, rozmowa na temat naszej misji. Po części będzie to więc film z wywiadami, ale chcielibyśmy żeby całość była raczej krótka, chwytliwa. Nasz główny pomysł to stworzenie czegoś prostego, pełnego emocji, ale też zabawnego i bardziej na luzie. Miejsce: Warka, Warszawa
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    I am looking for a person to record a video course for Excel. From basics to advanced issues. Long-term cooperation. Examples of topics: - Power Query in excel - how to present data in Excel to be readable to the user, for example, - story telling NOTE: I am not looking for an editor or film studio. I am looking for an author who will produce such a course that is a screenshot plus voice over.
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    Meska Strefa
    Wanted video editor, online training
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I am looking for an editor who will edit several / dozens of short (4-8 minutes) films for video training. In total it will be about 4-5 hours of final material. Each video will be composed of only slides / photos and read soundtrack, so no complicated editing will be necessary. All materials will be provided, of course.
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    DDITEAM Sp. z o.o. 54 deals
    These will be videos, where only the computer screen is recorded. The recorder lends only his voice. Cyclical order involving the recording of youtube videos according to the topics sent by our company ie. 1). Before each video we send a description and subject of the video. 2). The contractor prepares the video The video will consist of showing some small part of programming. You do not need to know programming to make such a video. Everything will be described in detail in the materials sent. 3). The video is checked by the principal. If everything is ok then the video is published. If not then it is necessary to make corrections and once again send the video. We ask for a quote for a video with a duration of 5 minutes.
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Ośrodek Biotechnologiczny
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video editing
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Job description

Video material, total 140 sec. in 9 files, shows the presenter in front of the background to be removed (green). The order includes:

1. Removing the background (changing it to transparent) - the presenter is supposed to end up as a gif. or HTML5 for the background of the web page.

2. Stretch (change of proportion)

3. Increasing the color saturation (in the whole image)

VERY IMPORTANT! The original .mov file is approximately 60MB / min. The result (also .mov) while maintaining the quality of the image, should not be heavier than the original (not all), it will be made into .gif or HTML5:

Quite standard work, service price required.

Type and length:

Processing 140 sec of a video - removing the green background