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During the occurrence of some ecommerce events, an error appears in the console for google services (this is about Google Tag Manager). This error causes the remarketing tags in google tag manager to stop working in the 'still running' state and cannot complete the task. This causes us to not collect remarketing lists. The error generally, from what we've read, can indicate an incorrectly configured query sent to Google services (e.g. an error in the GTM container id or conversion id) while this is already verified and for sure the conversion id is given correctly.

Suspicions fall on cache plugins or a problem with cookies on the site. On the other hand, we are not able to verify this.

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    I am looking for someone to help me unlock my google ads account. I have a blocked payment profile and can't even pay my arrears. The problem is that I can't verify the account because there is a wrong company name instead of "name" limited liability company, there is only limited liability company. To change the name they require something impossible like confirmation of the name change from limited liability company to "name" limited liability company. I have no ideas what to do anymore, google even stopped writing back as I explained the problem to them.
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    We are an innovative educational company specializing in creating discussion sheets and ready-made lesson plans for English language teachers. As we expand our operations, we're seeking an experienced Digital Advertising Specialist to undertake a project focused on creating and optimizing advertising campaigns on Meta platforms (Facebook, Instagram), primarily targeting Poland but also expanding to other European Union countries. Responsibilities: - Design and manage advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. - Optimize campaigns to increase effectiveness and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). - Analyze campaign data and produce efficiency reports. Requirements: - Experience in advertising on Meta platforms. - Proficiency in data analysis and report generation. - Creativity in developing advertising content. - (Experience in promoting educational materials is a plus) How to Apply: Please send your portfolio, CV, and a brief description of your experience in managing advertising campaigns via, along with your expected monthly gross rate.
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    Looking for a person who is able to set up an account that can be operated from Poland on my-hammer. There are necessary papers, documents, etc.
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