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    PITSTOP 5 deals
    GOOGLE ADS campaign in an online store.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I will commission the implementation and optimization of GOOGLE ADS campaigns of selected products from the online store. I am interested in permanent cooperation.
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    Jacek Kupiec
    Multiple product codes - Woocommerce
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I need to add functionality in my Woocommerce store that will protect me from duplicate products. I have products that can overlap at suppliers. I would like to be able to add more than one product code from a supplier to a product, so that when importing WpAllImport will check if any of the codes overlap with the SKU at the supplier, and then based on that it will update the product according to the lowest available price. An abbreviated workflow 1 Download the XML/CSV at the supplier using WpAllImport 2. check if any of the codes assigned to the product overlap with the one in the supplier's file 3. if there is one overlap then select price and stock, and if more then select the lowest price and stock from that cheapest offer.
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    audiomagic 3 deals
    Online File Store on WooCommerce.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day. I'm looking for someone who can help launch an audio file store at a reasonable cost. At the moment, WordPress and WooCommerce is set up under the domain For my part, I will introduce products, I can install extensions and take care of a good part of the implementation. The store is to be very similar to the store. One page. At the very top a few sentences of greeting, below in two columns recently added songs and most purchased songs. Below that, a list of all the songs on offer in a table with searchable and filterable columns: - Player with a snippet of the song, - Name, - Artist (with the ability to select all songs by the artist i.e. something like producer), - Date the song was added, - Other attributes on the table (key, available formats). - Buy button. When you click on the buy button, you go to the product page. There the product description, also the player with an excerpt. There, after clicking on Add to cart, the possibility to choose the file format (different prices for 3 different formats). The shortest possible form (name, surname, e-mail, phone). Check BOX for those willing to FV. Payment by Przelewy24 (I already have an account and installed module). Need someone to help choose the right Plugins and template. Will configure it all. Offers, preferably with FV, preferably for hourly rates, please PRV.
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    Weronika Płaza
    We are looking for a person who has experience in integrating IdoSell online stores with Baselinker system. Requirements: - knowledge of IdoSell Shop - knowledge of Baselinker Collaboration tasks: - adding products, - grouping products - by sizes/colors - setting synchronization of stocks to the above mentioned products - Bridge - setting synchronization of products that include several parts - so-called Sets - improving descriptions - only text remains in the description, photos will be in the gallery Additional information: - Base of about 2.5 k SKUs - all in BL - IdoSell as a B2B platform - order from now on
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    Paula Yascoolski
    I am looking for a person , who will make me a redesign of an old prestashop based store. The store has been hanging on the server for 4 years but is not used. I would like to reactivate it and relaunch juz with a new design. I suspect that I will need to update the store to the latest version and plug in all the plugins, from payments to newsletters and deliveries, and change the template to a new one: Of course, the store must work in desktop, tablet and most important is the mobile version I am interested only in the lowest offer for a simple fast-acting store (the pages must open instantly) based on Prestashop engine, in which there will be a maximum of 50 items of women's assortment, i.e. sweaters and summer clothing (beachwear). I invite you to make an offer.
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    Jacek Kupiec
    Hello, I have products that often overlap from different suppliers, but have different SKUs for reasons of labeling them individually in wholesalers. Is there any reasonable way to create a master product in WooCommerce with several SKU codes assigned to it from different suppliers? When updating, it would pull the price from the supplier that has the cheapest offer at the moment. This would avoid duplicating the product for each individual supplier. For example: I have product X which is from several suppliers, where the SKU codes are: SKUD Supplier1, SKUD Supplier2, SKUD Supplier3. In Woocommerce, I have a main product X under which I have codes: -SKUDProviders1 (quantity 15, price: 30) -SKUDProviders2 (quantity 16, price: 45) -SKUDProviders3 (quantity 13, price: 25) Woocommerce checks which SKU has the lowest price and takes SKUDProvider3 and sets the price to 25 and quantity to 13. If SKUDProvider3 ran out, the next would be SKUDProvider1 with a price of 30 and a stock of 15 items. I am currently using WpAllImport, which has the ability to add custom php code to extend its functionality. I would appreciate your help in solving the problem.
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    I will order the creation of an account/restoration of a blocked account on the ebay platform and the listing of about 25 auctions.
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    I am looking for somebody to create a website with sport events. Users should be able to see the event as the gallery on the main site with short info and pictures and after clicking, full info should be displayed. Website should also allow users to log in and add their events and manage them in the user panel. Some more details below + attached samples. Website should be responsive. Website should allow edition in multiple languages Cookie agreement politcy Front End Main Space for banner on the top Newsletter subscription tab Language choice Login button Logout Button Search tab by category (as attached, on the left side) Sort by button Gallery of the events (4 in row - scroll down gallery) Event site Event picture Event category (categories: camp, seminar, tournament) Event link Date (separate fields: single date or date scope - from - to) Option: (gi, no-gi) - can choose both Location (separate fields: city, country, street, street number) About the even (plan text - with some friendly edition interface) Map displaying location (googlemaps plugin) Contact (separate fields:phone number, email address) Functions CMS User Users can create account Users can create events with categories given below Users can manage (edit or remove) their adds Admin Admin can confirm or deny event which was created by the user Admin can manage (edit or remove) their adds Admin can manage user accounts Admin doesn't have to confirm the registration Panel for main page banner edition Registration confirmation by email Website translation options for languages of choice
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    Travel Agency CRM Pipedrive
    Tasks to be completed at launch: - addition of GTM script on store pages and in checkout. - Changes at the checkout level - at this point in checkout The store is on Shopify
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    Faktoria 10 deals
    Hello, since yesterday the site has some problems with working properly. It came out after some update on the server. All in all, the site started working slower yesterday. There was a problem with going to the shopping cart and payment. It is very slow to load the shopping cart and checkout of the store. I care about time so I'm asking someone with a lot of experience in solving crashes/problems.
Sebastian Lalecki
Sebastian Lalecki
1 deal
Job category:
Online shops
Expected budget:

1000.00 PLN

Valid until:

Job description

The prices charged by SellIntegro Integrator and thrown into Presta bounce off it and do not improve.

Support SellIntegro:

"Below I am enclosing information about what has been changed / done:

- I transferred the integration of the PRICE UPDATE module FROM THE SELECTED SUBIEKT GT PRICE LIST TO PRESTASHOP Subiekt GT to PrestaShop to the latest version v110

Despite the correct functioning of the integration (integration does not cause any error code), the price in PrestaShop is not changed. Below is an example with a random commodity updated by integration which extracts the correct price


As you can see in the screenshots posted, despite the fact that the integration took the appropriate price, ie 11.30, it was not updated, it remained 1.37.

We are not able to determine the cause of the problem on the part of our integration, after verification with the developer everything works fine and the price is not updated, so we assume that the problem lies with the PrestaShop settings / operation.

I am sending additional information from the developer:

The link to which we send the API request

To the e-mail message, I am sending the attachment from the body ("the whole piece of code responsible for") of the API query

PUT query

Header Content-Type: application / xml

Basic authorization with LTUWRD2R2LZSZYE623GJXNJSUGMK1FHF token


On the left is our query and on the right, we have API code 200, so it is correct but the price does not change, unfortunately. "

Template / individual design:


Required functions:

Subiekt GT, PrestaShop, SellIntegro