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    Bookmarks: home page as landing page, about us, fleet, contact, types of rental, faq Call to action elements, booking calendar, rodo, graphic design of the site in accordance with the sign book. In addition: SEO optimization, content preparation. More details after contact.
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    Daftcode Ventures
    Setting up a website on WooCommerce
    Proposed by freelancer
    I'm looking for someone to put up a website using WooCommerce, preferably using a custom page creation plugin like Elementor. We will prepare the full design of the site in Figma on our side, so it's all about transferring the design to the WooCommerce environment and configuration as closely as possible. We especially care about proficiency in using page builders, since the site will be custom, and experience in optimizing page performance on WooCommerce.
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    I will urgently order the addition of the English version of the store on SHOPER - I have all the translations - configuration, translation of categories, adding prices in EURO, configuring shipping methods, adding seo and sem descriptions on subpages (I provide a database of key phrases, etc.). And also updating the display of products in the store on the PL and ANG versions: related products as variants (each color variant is a separate product, but on the product subpage you can switch between other available color variants - the customer can see what color options he has to choose from) + adding sorting by color in the store.
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    Improving the display of gross prices
    Proposed by freelancer
    I would like to have the prestashop based store improved Google ads are displaying the net price instead of the gross price - after using the debugger you can see that the problem is with the store, not the xml file. Some customers also see the net price directly on the store (mostly those whom the system identifies as non-Polish - some VPN?) until they add the product to the cart and try to buy it - then the gross pops up for them.
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    Migration of the store to a new template
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I would like to request a quote for migrating an existing store (prestashop) to a new server + new template. All existing functionality and content should be retained. Migration first to a test environment, after seeing that everything works smoothly - to the target domain. Switching most likely to the template :P17AT12 Tools store Template
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    Magdalena Horak
    Store - new layout
    Proposed by freelancer
    Our current store is at and it's connected to woocommerce, set on wordpress. We would like it to look more or less like this What would be the cost for customizing the look of the store to the above and configuring, and other topics and what specifically would need to be done there, what would be the execution time. We would also like it to ultimately be on the domain and not on vod. - also I will ask for a quote for the redesign.
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    Single product page with 4 variants
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I am looking for a person who could make a landing page + 2 tabs for me. The main page would have 4 product variants in different configurations and a simple offer proposal calculator. The customer, after selecting the configuration, would have to enter their information and then make a payment. Payment would have to be in a subscription or "upfront" model. I would like the process of sending invoices to take place automatically along with the subscription as well as the process of sending emails.
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    Kropla 4 deals
    I will commission to configure a plugin on WP for booking appointments and hook it up with pay u and woocomerce payments. Work for 1 hr in total
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    Bensons 5 deals
    Adding import announcements
    Proposed by freelancer
    We need to add functionality to our site in the form of advertisements, orders for importing goods from China. We already have a corresponding tab. Here is a brief description of how it should look like and what functions it should have. The customer, after setting up an account on our wholesaler, goes to the appropriate tab for imports from China. Then he clicks the create new order button. He gives the details of the order, including: title, description, photos, link to the product, when he needs the goods, etc. Once accepted, the ad goes to moderation, after checking it is accepted and added to the site. Companies that will cooperate with us will have the opportunity to add their offer under the ad. They should also get an email notification and the appearance of a new order. Necessary things to do: 1. adding an ad section as above, making it nice and clear without unnecessary elements. 2. Create in woocommerce a new group of users such as contractors. We will be able to assign permissions manually. The company, which will not be added by us, will not be able to view orders. 3. anyone can add an order after registering on our wholesaler, but he can only see his order. He cannot see the orders of other customers. 4.Companies submit their offer under the ad, something like a comment or like on USEME. The customer contacts the selected company. 5. For now, everything will be free. If it develops, there will be fees for posting orders or for accepting them. For now, this does not need to be done, but write the code so that in the future it will not require much rework. To recap, it's supposed to be something along the lines of USEME, only more simplified. Such a tweaked bulletin board. Please ask me for quotes and turnaround time. If you have any questions, please write a message.
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    Bensons 5 deals
    We are planning to expand our store with additional suppliers. At the moment everything is integrated and products are downloaded and updated via a plugin. Here's a brief description of how it's supposed to work. We manually assign products from several wholesalers to the main product categories on our site. A customer entering the automotive category, for example, sees 100 products from different wholesalers. There should be a filter (switch) on the page to show products from warehouse 1, warehouse 2, or all of them. The cart value should be locked to a minimum value. For example, from warehouse 1, it is not possible to order for less than 400 PLN. When you add products and go to the cart, they should be divided by warehouse. For example - STORAGE 1 CART VALUE 500 PLN, - STORAGE 2 CART VALUE 300 PLN, TOTAL 800 PLN. Details below: 1. add the ability to filter (switch) by warehouse. We have already made the attribute field of WHOLESALE , so it will probably be left to make the switch. 2. hide the SKU code field, and move the ID code in its place. The customer is not to see the SKU codes, they are to be visible only to us. 3. minimum cart value by store. We already have a suitable plugin for this, it blocks by attribute. It will probably remain only to configure it. 4 Split order by warehouse. The customer is supposed to see the products from each warehouse and the value in the cart. He is also supposed to be able to add or reduce product quantities directly from the cart. 5. the order you receive should be divided by warehouse. For example, STORAGE 1 list of products, below it STORAGE 2. This is to be as one order, only to be divided "visually". That is basically all. There may come some minor functionalities, but this we can do later as an additional order. The theme of the store is the author's.
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Online shops
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Preferable skills:
online shop
web site
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Job description

We have an online store for children and are looking for someone to take care of the site from a technical perspective. It is created on wordpress in page builder Elementor.

- importing products into the store

- implementation of new categories in the store

- edition of banners

- editing menu, footer, and header

In the beginning, you will have to import products from the wholesale and work on the appearance. With further cooperation comes the issue of support and maintenance of the store.

Template / individual design:

Store created on a template

Required functions:

Payments Deliveries Importing products Banners in the store