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    Making visualization, design, 3d Catering
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to create a design, 3 D visualization of a catering trailer. Design for kebab. Catering trailer 3 x2. Then the design of the premises of about 30 m2 under kebab. Experience in this matter is welcome.
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    Zlecenia 2 deals
    We are starting an interesting project in the board game industry. We are looking for a 2d graphic designer with 3d graphic skills to design playing cards and figures with characters. Due to the nature of the business, the project should be fully copyrighted. Please send us an initial quote with an hourly rate and an estimated fixed rate for the whole thing, we also offer additional forms of cooperation/billing. We are looking for a graphic designer with an artistic soul and imagination. The project will involve the creation of about 60 3d characters, about 140 2d graphics for cards and the design of the game board.
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    KeyWeb.pl Software, Web i Seo
    Need pictures to add rotating wine bottles on the site offer . Example bottle: https://winery.oxy.host/wp-content/uploads/sites/34/2018/01/b2@2x.png I have 6 labels, same bottle design everywhere.
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    Lucyna Borkowska
    3D solids of armchairs and tables
    Proposed by freelancer
    Creating 3D furniture solids for an online furniture store , especially armchairs and tables.
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    SKYMECH 9 deals
    The module design of one module of the machine is to be done. All necessary information for pricing and design can be found at the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12Ak6af4U9jqzVNuAHitp-1bkTWSh-zMD-0qC6-rwC80/edit?usp=sharing
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    SKYMECH 9 deals
    The module design of one module of the machine is to be done. All necessary information for pricing and design can be found at the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TGHo3sG7-QY8rhgKyJsiqbEHdJ58BAn3i9nvjP9f7HQ/edit?usp=sharing
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    SKYMECH 9 deals
    The module design of one module of the machine is to be done. All necessary information for pricing and design can be found at the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fTL7u0h8K4mZmYJctjIufc_3J6UIqdHdLmmgoeNEYRw/edit?usp=sharing
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    UX Designer - 1/2 time
    6000.00 PLN
    Hi. We are a newly established Design & Software House. We specialize in designing and programming desktop and mobile applications, websites and web services. We currently have several developers, a project manager, a marketer and a b. good UI Designer in our team. We need a savvy UX person to fill the gap in the Design department. Responsibilities: - designing UX mockups - Occasionally conducting UX workshops, surveys, audits and analysis - Collaborating with UI to create the final Design Basic requirements: - min. 2 years of agency experience - experience in conducting research, analysis - experience in conducting workshops with foreign clients (USA and Europe) - experience in performing audits, strategies - documented competence and portfolio - motivation to develop, expand knowledge and acquire new skills - relaxed attitude (we like good jokes and family atmosphere) - fluent English - availability between 10 am and 6 pm - b. good knowledge of Figma and other tools - more obvious: reliability, diligence, etc. We offer: - loyalty and family atmosphere - interesting projects (not only on paper) - visible development of the company (over time we will have more and more work and more demanding tasks) - projects mainly from the following sectors: transportation/logistics, medicine, insurance, technology, startups, etc. - remote work (if you are from Warsaw this will be your additional advantage) - team building meetings once every six months - competitive rate - 4-day work week
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    Generum 4 deals
    Design of stair runs - 3 models, railings - 3 models, landings - 3 models. Development of a methodology for building a parametric model. Preparation and parametric development of models - minimum: stair runs - 3 models, railings - 3 models, landings - 3 models. Make appropriate corrections and define the parameters of the final capabilities of the software in the context of parametric design. Procedures and instructions for building new and correcting existing parametric models.
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    Noblemedia 14 deals
    Interior 3D Render
    350.00 PLN
    To develop visualization of the kitchen, 1 wide frame, modern interior. Materials to be used - furniture stp. solids, photos of furniture, possibly in addition, technology sheets of furniture. This is premium series furniture, body and front white laminate, handle white plastic.
Cube agencja marketingowa
Cube agencja marketingowa
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Design and 3d
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Job description

I will commission the preparation of fairly simple low-poly models based on existing models from various sources. Making from scratch welcome. These provided models can be used as you wish. The low-poly models will be used in an application based on the Unity engine. We don't have some huge numerical requirements in terms of the maximum number of polygons, the application can handle models at 300k, so simply the models are to be made in low-poly technique for optimization of the whole application. UV maps will also be needed, but very simple ones, such as a wood texture on a desk, a concrete texture on a wall, etc., because our application supports texture mapping based only on the UV map. The models will be simple furniture and whole blocks of simple rooms. I will provide more details after contact. A portfolio of several sample models made by interested parties is welcome. Long-term cooperation comes into play, as systematically larger quantities of models will be needed.

Type and number of projects:

To start with about 20 models of furniture and 1 room. If it's ok, I can immediately order a second package of the same.