Operator kamery, montażysta, czujący sport (piłka nożna)

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    inverted8 35 deals
    Production and editing of videos on trivia topics according to the scheme + voice recording or voiceover I ask for proposals for the rate per video, it would be a permanent cooperation for years
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    Generacja M
    I am looking for a person who is not afraid to show up in front of the camera, has good diction and knows how to present the product nicely. Industry with smartphone accessories such as USB cables, chargers, headphones, car mounts. Maintaining a Youtube account with an interesting presentation of our products.
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    I need someone to record a 30sec - 1minute video presenting the tablet. A simple demonstration of the hardware and discussion of 2-3 main functions. Please give me a quote for such a project.
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    Looking for an Editor - League of Legends
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, MAKE IT is looking for an experienced editor to edit an online course on League of Legends. We are interested only in an active player of this game, as there is a lot of meritory about the macro game in the course. This is a larger order for 1/2 months of work . We are also interested in long-term cooperation. Please quote a month of work for the declared number of hours. Requirements: - knowledge of the game - basic 2D animation
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    Habur Images 1 deal
    Habur Images - we mainly deal with stock photography. Sometimes during photo shoots we also shoot video for stock purposes. We are looking for a person who does color processing for short video files (in HD 4K, up to 10 sec). We are particularly keen on improving white balance and contrast settings. Please contact us if you are willing to do such correction on a test basis. Please quote a rate for processing one file.
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    Focusly Sp. z o.o. 1 deal
    We are looking for a person/team who will be able to create demos and teasers of a mobile application - in the form of animation and video, and mixed. Mobile app demo - instructional video: - Duration: up to 2 min - Content: recording the flow of operating the application, superimposing narration by a voiceover + possibly animation - scenario to be determined. Advertising spot (teaser) x 2 (separately market: B2C and B2B): - Duration: 2-3 min for B2C, for B2B up to 5 min - Content: generic scenes, benefits of use presented, short interviews with creators, pro-social action - scenario to be determined - Possible overlay of animation on edited video. Deadline for completion: November. We care about high quality workmanship, creative approach and experience in similar work, so we would like to see your previous realizations first and know the rates. If you are close to the topics of personal development, mental health, meditation and psychoeducation - it will certainly make cooperation more pleasant and contribute to the creation of interesting and valuable material. You are welcome to cooperate with us!
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    Minuta z Ziemia
    Have you ever wanted to work with a well-known Youtube channel? Now you can! MinuteEarth and MinutePhysics are a series of short, illustrated stories about science and our wonderful planet. On Youtube, these channels together have more than 8 million subscribers and will soon have 1 billion views! Now MinuteEarth and MinutePhysics want to translate their videos into Polish. We are working with a team of 5 active people. Who we are looking for We are looking for a person with experience in editing/editing youtube videos. Who is the best candidate? - Creative and motivated individuals who enjoy working in a team. - Philanthropic and entrepreneurial individuals with a positive attitude towards development. If this sounds like you, let's talk!
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    Cut 16 videos into one.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello world, we want to edit 16 existing videos of us into one short video. For this job, you need to understand and speak German well, as the goal is to understand the content of the customer testimonials and compile them into a testimonial video. The goal is to end up with a short video (1-2 minutes) that is crisp, with short cuts, lets our customers have their say. This should convince our potential customers and persuade them to book. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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    Shooting and editing a short film
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who will shoot a video in Zielona Gora and later edit it, add voice-over and prepare it for insertion on Youtube. The video is ultimately to be 2-3 minutes long
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    Wanted post-production/graphics specialist for projesional photo/video editing : in programs such as: - AdobePremiere Pro CC - non-linear video editing applications - Da Vinci Resolve - Affter Effects - Adobe Photoshop, - Lightroom, for a Spanish advertising company.
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Firma Handlowa
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Job description

Poszukujemy młodej osoby, NIE FIRMY, do pracy dodatkowej. Osoba musi być sumienna, dyspozycyjna, idealnie jeśli lubi sport (piłka nożna).

Czego szukamy:

- umiejętność obsługi kamery, nagranie meczu piłki nożnej, zmontowania z tego skrótu, być może skomentowania.

- umiejętności operatorskie w terenie, następnie montaż, korekta.

- umiejętność skonfigurowania i obsługi oprogramowania do streamingu.

- osoby, która nie będzie nastawiona wyłącznie na korzyści finansowe, bo te na początkowym etapie będą bardzo skromne - dlatego szukamy osoby młodej, na umowę zlecenie, która przede wszystkim CHCE COŚ zrobić.

- dużym atutem będzie mobilność - oczywiście koszta po naszej stronie.

- osoba KONIECZNIE pomysłowa, nieszablonowa, rozumiejąca social media.

- idealnie z Katowic, Chorzowa, okolic.

Nie oferujemy zbyt dużo, ale możemy dać bardzo duże możliwości rozwoju - naprawdę. Zamiast robić coś do szuflady, pokaż się światu, daj się poznać - z pewnością w tym pomożemy.

Napisz, zadzwoń, odezwij się.

Type and length:

Wszystko w opisie. Masz czas, ochotę, rozmawiajmy.