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    I will outsource the configuration of the store page under Google Tag/Ads for tracking store page events and monitoring conversions (with automatic retrieval of cart and order values) by Google Main page under HTML ECWID store engine
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    MovoDigital 9 deals
    I used Razzi template to create an online store. I am looking for a person who would adapt the template to the Polish version - I can provide translations if needed. The idea is that all elements of the template visible to the user should be translated including the messages sent after ordering. The idea is to make the store ready for sale in Poland. Link to the template:
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    Creation of an online store
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, We want to go to market within 2 months with sales of our own products. We need to create an online store that can handle a lot of traffic. It will look modern and in rwd version. We are leaning towards putting the store on Shopify because of the possibility of easy integration with various plugins later. Of course we are open to other suggestions, this is our first store therefore we will rely on the professionalism of the contractor. Please tell me the deadlines for the implementation of such a store, what aspects we need to meet (prepare some documents, etc.) and in what price range we are moving. Thank you in advance for your offer Translated with (free version)
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    Create an online wordpress store
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a person to "move" our online store from the Shoper platform to Wordpress. We know how we would like the site to look and function. Please send us a proposal with a quote Thanks
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    Bot to purchase at
    Proposed by freelancer
    Need a bot to automatically purchase coal on, purchase preferably eco-pea packaged 2 tons karlik or 2 tons pieklorz with delivery.
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    GAT 1 deal
    We are looking for a person for permanent cooperation in the development of online stores created on the Prestashop platform. At this moment there are two stores: 1. Polish 2. foreign - at the moment multistore with 3 sites - we are thinking about splitting the multistore into independent stores, (if there is no possibility of accelerating this) because currently this solution very 'muddles'. The work will include: - optimizing the speed of the pages - expanding with additional functionality - carrying out tests and performing updates - supervising the correct operation of the sites - fixing errors We care about quick response and efficient cooperation. We value creativity and new ideas for the development of our stores. Presentation of other sides of your production is welcome. Please apply only if you have experience with PrestaShop.
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    eloco 1 deal
    Woocomerce store
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to make an online store. At the moment the store stands on shoper, however we want to move it to woocomerce. Our company sells eyeglass frames, eyeglass accessories and there are also plans for barbering products. Graphics at this point we have. We will need a homepage (slider, suggested products, graphics, etc.) tabs for men, women, children, accessories, barber products, blog, shopping cart, search engine, filtering, adding payments, supplies, reviews, connecting baselinker.
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    Anatomia Matury 2 deals
    A few tweaks to the website (woocommerce)
    Proposed by freelancer
    1. switching from Customize My Account for WooCommerce plugin to membership 2. integration of membership with Vimeo I License Manager 3. website audit + consultation (20-30 min)
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    Hi, I have a website in WordPress where I need to make some improvements in the ordering/user panel. Current when a user creates an account he can only submit one order per account, we need to change this to unlimited orders. This also means creating a user panel to track/review those orders under user profile after logging in. There is a UniPath robot connected to the website that receives the data from each user form submission and in return puts data into a database every 24 hours. This data needs to be pulled, and formatted in a user friendly manner to be displayed in the user profile, but also fit into an email template and be sent daily to a user for a duration of the purchased service. Counterpart for UniPath integration will be provided for the duration of the project.
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    WC online store + analytics + configuration
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I run a personal brand; sell courses and digital products (training, documents, etc.). A total of 30 products. The current website meets expectations, but the store no longer does. I am looking for a frilancer who: - will help me choose a web and store template (wc/wo) - customize it, implement and deploy it - will adjust the architecture for positioning - will configure with FB (Pixels, API and most importantly product catalogs) - will configure with GA and other google products - will actively advise, consult and point the way to the extent that he himself will not be able to help
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Kamil Malinowski
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Job description

Poszukuje kogos do stworzenia modulu, ktory w pierwszej kolejnosci przetworzy formularz klienta, nastepnie administrator po otrzymaniu formularza od klienta wypelnia formularz zwrotny i odsylany zostanie w formie e-maila. Dodatkowo z podanego formularza zwrotnego wypelnianego przez administratora powinny generowac sie produkty do sklepu.

Template / individual design:

Oprogramowanie na platforme shoper.

Required functions:

Generowanie aukcji z formularza.

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