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I would like to refresh the existing website based on WordPress. First of all : removing a few tabs ,creating a new gallery-portfolio. I am also considering defining a new graphic design (which would be the basis for the visual identity of the brand).

Industry : interior design.

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    Marek Słonecki 1 deal
    Site migration
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I will commission the migration of four sites from vps to web hosting, three Joomla sites and one SMF forum.
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    I would like to commission a translation quote form for our website: At the moment there is such a form and I would like to make a similar( or improved) made preferentially Contact Form 7 . Unfortunately, many inquiries come without attachments, and customers claim to attach attachments. Unfortunately, the Internet provider spreads his hands and our IT specialist also because everything is supposedly fine. Therefore, we decided to make the form again. We also do not exclude signing a contract for technical support of this site and our other sites after a positive completion of the order.
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    usiebie website i need someone to organize what is there and introduce new workshops along with preparing them in wordpress format - i don't know anything about it. i also need to expand the site, maybe add a blog - it is positioning poorly and some kind of calendar....
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    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for SOMEONE to comprehensively run an effective campaign for my project. I plan to organize enduro camps in Spain, with a friendly company with which I entered into cooperation. This company has a working website etc - and my camps will in all likelihood also be on their site - where it will be possible to sign up directly etc. - because everything will go through this company. On the other hand, I would like to promote my brand in all this, through my own website with full information regarding my camps - contact form, possibility to sign up or if it is possible additionally to connect with them etc. - and good advertising so that it reaches the largest possible audience. Advertising on Facebook, of course, also comes into play. The rest of the details for those interested.
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    Need help with complex analytics on websites (Google Analytics). Help with setup, explaining certain things, setting up conversions as much as possible. Setting up the whole environment according to our needs under us and friendly leaving it to us to manage later. Payment either in full or "per hour".
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    The Warsaw 20 deals
    Responsibilities include designing and implementing new functionality on the WordPress site, integrating the payment system, and developing an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive user interface. It is required to provide functionality for users to register and add ads.
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    We have an old website written for us and we want to redesign it for a new brand. In addition, we have landing page templates in elementor like this one: and we want to generate more sub-pages based on that. All this we want to bundle with the platform
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    Webmaster to work with
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to work with who can help me with the following topics: - adding content to websites (mainly content for blogs) - creating new subpages according to the template and supplementing with content - recreating/copying pages e.g. from duplicator - building new pages both from ready-made templates and those put up from '0' All pages on wordpress, using both elementor and divi. If someone will be interested in only part of the work then please let me know, I do not exclude cooperation with, for example, two people.