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    Modeste sp. z o.o. sp. k. 17 deals
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi! We are a company with several Polish brands and our own production. We are looking for a person/people who will create interesting content for social media, create tic toques, reels, shorts and take photos that we can use on the website. The videos will be on the topic of travel using suitcases. We need several formats for, among others: 1) Instagram reels / Tik Tok 2)Youtube 3) Youtube shorts We care about good quality. We would appreciate it if we receive a few different works when we submit our bids so that we can verify them.
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    Hi! I'm looking for one/two people to shoot and/or edit lifestyle videos for social media. Target videos about 10-15min, shooting in Warsaw, although I do not exclude other locations. I ask for a portfolio and a quote for a sample, one video, and for permanent cooperation (about 4-5 videos per month) involving filming, editing or both at once. If preparing instagram reels/stories is an option, I will also consider :) Thanks! Adam
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    Video editing
    Proposed by freelancer
    I'm looking for someone to edit video footage in the company, mostly it will be simple assignments, filming from one camera - specifically with a phone (then the audio will also be from the phone) or a sony a6300 camera (then the audio will additionally be from a tie microphone). We plan formats: unboxings, webinars, and product reviews. Assignments from time to time.
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    Paul M
    I am looking for an experienced editor for permanent cooperation in editing videos on the YouTube platform. Please do not send offers from people learning to edit, without a specific portfolio. I can edit videos myself, however, due to lack of time, I am looking for a person who does it better and faster. The channel is about lifestyle In addition, below 7 links to videos whose editing and aesthetics I like, I am looking for someone who can edit videos like this: Length of films up to 15-20 minutes Send me your portfolio or examples of your work and rate for 1 video and info how much time you need to edit the video.
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    Wedding video editing permanent cooperation
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person for permanent cooperation when it comes to editing footage from the wedding. Material recorded with two Sony cameras, plus sound and a drone. The material I'm interested in is a film of 30-45 minutes and a shortcut in the form of a video clip from 1 minute to 3 minutes in the max. Editing in Final Cut Pro. From an interested person I expect a fresh look at editing, individual approach to the subject and out-of-the-box thinking. I will provide more information by phone or e-mail. Remuneration to be determined individually. The possibility of permanent orders ( 10 - 15 per year ) .
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    I have 10 videos to make, each about 7-12 minutes long. Videos without faces - edited from available video / music / sounds in CanvaPro / InVideo Ideal would be a dynamic style, quite fast - videos are about educational topics but also about technology, can not be boring Texts are ready, you need to support them with audio and video.
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    Dynamic Intro & Outro for YT channel
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I am looking for a person to realize a dynamic intro and outro with music for a newly emerging YT channel. Both
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    Caroline Golda
    Good day, I will commission the recording of 1-2 advertising videos for Facebook ADS and Tiktok ADS. Advertising with a man who presents an offer and invites you to contact us. It is about the RES industry and the sale of heat pumps, so it would be ideal if the heat pump/outdoor unit is seen in the background. The content will be prepared by us. Please send me a quote for such a video.
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    Łukasz 57 deals
    I will commission the recording of a 15-20 second advertising video for Facebook ADS. Advertising with a woman who invites you to learn more about the offer. With her face visible. The product is a diet and workout plan.
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    I would like to commission the production of 4 promotional video clips (about 2 min each) on the following topics 1) Engineering for sustainable development, 2) Engineering for natural resources and the environment, 3) Technology for the digital age, 4) Engineering for the manufacturing of the future. The clips should be read by a voice-over artist, it is also possible to use a speech synthesizer (slogans will be in English). The clips will consist of a common lead-in and lead-out, a second lead-in characterizing each of the four themes, statements by project participants recorded by us, and a section in which the four themes mentioned above will be visually illustrated. We would use graphics and video clips characterizing each of the topics (preferred themes of the video clips used engineering, sustainable development, new technologies, ). We would see nice, effective transitions between the videos. Prefer interesting composition of spoken statements and video clips characterizing the topic.
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We would like to commission a video for a website for a company dealing with complex rental services, we would like to include in the video all the most important information so that the customer who visits our site knows exactly what we do and what is included in the scope of our services :)

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