Making 3D models of packaging in Blender, from technical drawings and 3D CAD + rigging

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Good morning,

I will commission a company / freelancers to make rigged 3D models of packaging in Blender, with a minimized number of vertices, without surface errors, ready for seamless modifiers (including subdivision, solidify, etc.) and materials.

1. Making rigged models of cardboard packaging based on technical drawings, e.g. DXF (useme01.jpg)

2. Making insert models based on CAD models from files, e.g. STL (useme02.jpg)

3. Making rigged packaging models from combined materials (with different physics - e.g. cardboard + PUR or foil), e.g. from DXF + STL files (useme03.jpg)

Ready models, in some cases, will require physics mapping, i.e. the use and / or combination of physics modifiers, e.g. Collision, Cloth, Softbody etc.

Our models will be given materials and textures and they will be used to create packshots and animations. (it is also possible to order the second stage)

Necessary conditions: extensive experience, high quality of work with models, attention to detail - we do not want to have problems with the model grid and its rigging, we require defining and keeping the deadlines.


3dblendermodeling 3Dpackaging designrenderingrigging

Type and number of projects:

The first order is to perform 3 points. from the description - models from the attached screenshot

Attached files

rigowany model opakowania z łączonych materiałów (o różnej fizyce) z DXF + STL useme03.jpg (194kB)
model insertu na podstawie modelu CAD z pliku STL useme02.jpg (639kB)
model opakowania tekturowego na podstawie rysunków technicznych useme01.jpg (300kB)

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