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    stefani balos
    Translator of 4 languages.
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    Radeklew 3 deals
    I am looking for a person/company to help publish my novels abroad. Only people with experience in similar projects. I am the author of nine books, including award-winning ones. Genres: From fantasy, to young adult novel, to historical books. Currently, all rights to the texts are in my hands. Read more at: www.radeklewandowski.pl Two of my books are already translated into English, the rest need translations. I will hire a specialist/specialists with experience to analyze the situation, propose and successfully lead the expansion into foreign language markets. I am also open to creating games based on my novels (the sf series "Yggdrasil" and the historical series "Vikings" are united by common characters, which gives almost unlimited possibilities to create multiple game universes).
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    Najlepsze teksty
    I am looking for a teacher for English. Lessons daily 3 hours online, preferably in the morning. I live in Dubai, so we have a two hour difference at the moment. I am in Real Estate and Yacht broker industry, so need to brush up on business English. My level is B1. -The job is for 3 months, -My proposed rate is PLN 50/hour. -Lessons I would like them to be interesting, not boring. -I am looking for a professional person, verbal about the agreed time, -Payments every week, or once a month. I am 22 years old, so I am also open to people my age. I would like the necessary 3 hours a day, because I simply do not have the time to devote to English years or long months. Possible monthly bonus +400/600 PLN.
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    Good day, I am looking for a translator (exclusively!) with experience in PL-EN + EN/PL technical translations (manuals/specifications), preferably in the fire industry. I prefer Trados, but I do not close myself to other softwares, it is important that you use professional tools. Permanent cooperation is involved, although assignments will probably not be regular. We do not anticipate "drop-ins" on a moment's notice, deadlines to be agreed each time. Topics: fire and explosion protection. I am very keen on someone who knows what "eats" specialized/technical translations, especially in terms of meticulousness and reliability in the use of professional terminology. Initially, of course, we will work together to create a glossary that will allow us to be consistent in all content. Please provide a rate per standardized page in your assignment response. If you have some samples, I will also ask :) Have a good day everyone!
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I am looking for a translator from Polish to English. Texts usually around 1500-2000 characters dedicated for social media publications. Please contact me with a quote for 1000 characters + turnaround time.

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from PL to EN

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1500-2000 characters