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    Graphic design for car wrapping
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who will prepare a graphic design for wrapping the car. There are ready preliminary graphic concepts on which you can follow. The point is to prepare the graphic design so that it is ready for printing and the next cutting and wrapping - adaptation to the elements of the car, appropriate resolution, proportions, etc.
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    pollyart 7 deals
    Permanent cooperation graphic designer
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for graphic designers for permanent cooperation! If you have experience in designing websites, stores, graphics for ads then send us your portfolio. If you can also from a boring video or series of photos to make an interesting video, social media reel then we want to see that too Of course, each order is individually priced, but if you have a sample price list then we would love to know it
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    Agnieszka Kosnik-Zając
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hey :) I am looking for a graphic designer to make a collage or other work in poster format and at the same time in desktop and phone wallpaper format. Once a month I send out a newsletter to clients (cosmetology, clinical trichology) with industry news and with such work. It works out nicely, so if the graphics appeal, the orders will be for longer :)
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    viczi88 1 deal
    I will commission the creation of a graphic template for the furniture industry on social media. I have a logo and color scheme developed. I want the style of graphics can also be used on banners and flyers.
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    kacper.tatara 15 deals
    I will commission a graphic design for a new line of cosmetics consisting of labels and outer packaging. The collection consists of 8 products (8 labels and 8 packages/cartons). The products are of small capacity - up to 50 ml. The lead time after approval of the quote, is about 14 days. In response to this ad, kindly include a link to a portfolio with similar realizations.
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    Plan Point 2 deals
    Brochure matching
    Proposed by freelancer
    Adjusting the brochure for format and printing
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    Polygon Studio 1 deal
    Beating heart animation project
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, we are looking for a graphic designer who will prepare for us an animation ( in .mp4 form to be placed in the background of the website) of a beating heart in a slightly geometric style as in the attached example. The heart will be shiny, should reflect colors and lightly glow - all to be determined in conversation. The animation will be embedded on a gradient we specify so as to fit into different device formats. We will ask for three versions - for tablets, phones and PCs. The animations will differ only in dimensions.
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    I have an ebook to be assembled and bound graphically. Preferably with content editing right away. 12 A4 pages of content and 8-10 worksheets with graphics like: clouds, emotions, tables Implementation July 2024.
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    Create an offer that can be sent as a .pdf
    Proposed by freelancer
    I want someone with a sense of aesthetics to create a quotation in A4 format, based on an excel sheet, the quotation is to look modern and professional, of the 'office' type.
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    Graphic content creator
    5000.00 PLN
    We are looking for a creative person to create graphics and short videos for our social media channels. If you have a passion for design and can create engaging video content, attach to our team!
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Looking for a person to design a logo and a business card page for an accounting firm.

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