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    Intro> A girl is sitting and typing on a laptop, facing the viewer. A pile can be seen next to her with steam hovering over it. The character suddenly glances above the screen and notices the viewer. She closes the laptop and approaches the viewer. He greets <voiceover will be provided> and invites to the blog. A small gesture. Conclusion. I am open to modifications.
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    MSM Creative
    Online platform promotional video
    Proposed by freelancer
    I need a video animation with online application promotion. The video will consist of stock video excerpts, boards with animated elements and screenshots of the app's dashboard. The video about 3-4 minutes long. We should use pleasant background music. In addition, a voiceover will be recorded in German, which will need to be adapted to the ongoing video. I have the script
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    Mikołaj Królik 1 deal
    Channel on YT Intro Outro transitions Additional animations "subscribe", "check IG" etc details when planning cooperation I will send inspiration and ideas and together we will work on the best result. I am looking for someone who will be able to advise and suggest
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    Przemysław Taj
    Good morning. Order: create an animation and add to the video from a flying drone. Aesthetic and professional. 1.We show a part of Poland and animated light lines that descend to one city along the roads. 2. The animation is the clouds that go sideways and you can see the video image from the drone that comes down. 3. The drone then flies up to the car and the names of the cities appear (implying that these cities have already been passed on the trip) 4. the drone flies up over the roof of the car and the name of the city it is traveling to is shown in front. The name of the city is embedded in the road. As the car continues to drive the name in 3D does not change position - that is, it is like a "real object" Briefly summarizing the animation will include: 1. lines that follow the roads on the map approaching the city. 2. Clouds breaking up (in general, this is often used animation promotional spots, but now I have no way to give any example). 3. the names of cities that are passed. 4. The name of the city in front of the car being approached. - If something is unclear or there are questions you can write in the offer. - What is the approximate cost?
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    Miloxi 3 deals
    Main assumptions: To prepare an animation explaining how the financial product works Types of animation, 3 versions reworked from the main/long animation : 1. long/main animation for a sales page describing the product in its longest form= 90 seconds 2. shortened 45-second version also to be used for website or social media 3. 15-second version (3 versions differing only in the screen/opening screen lasting 3 seconds). This version of the animation is a strictly advertising version on FB, encouraging people to click on the video to learn about the product/service. Features of the animation: - clear, transparent animation (does not have to happen a lot in the animation), simplicity, minimalism - animation of people, their emotions, and states (curiosity, happiness, sadness, etc.) - characters drawn, painted, etc. - narrator/voice describing the course of the animation, along with subtitles (for those not including voice-over) Abbreviated scenario: 1. Character, the thought of buying an apartment occurs, then the thought of not being able to get a loan from the bank(does not serialize it for what reason), LEKTOR(L): You want to buy a property but the Bank doesn't want to lend to you? Facial expression changes to sadness 2.Character sees R4B's website-smile appears L: There is another way through which you will not be forced to rent indefinitely Thanks to R4B you can become a property owner 3.Fills out a simple form on the site L:Just fill out a simple form on the website xxx, You choose a property we verify that it meets the requirements 4.The character receives a positive decision about 5.Character performs renovation: paints the walls of the apartment I ask for a portfolio and a quote.
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    MagdalenaGałczyńska 2 deals
    Good Morning, On behalf of the company Stairlifts we are looking for a person who will prepare animations for us - short films on a predetermined topic in Animaker program. We have purchased a license in this program, so we are looking for a person with knowledge of it. The films are needed to put on our channel on Youtube. Each time we have a set topic for the video, and more or less its time range. We also have a lot of written material prepared on the basis of which we want the film to be made.
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    Skilltom Sp. z o.o.
    We have an elearning training created in Articulate Storyline 360 to modify. To be added are approx. 30 screens in total in several modules + minor modifications, with the screens being templated and some will be repeated across modules, so all you need to do is select a template from elsewhere in the course and swap text/adapt. A fairly simple design, with a sample screen attached (though just one of the simpler ones). Due to the nature of the project, it's probably best to bill by the hour or per project after a closer look. The total should not likely exceed a few hours of work at this point, but more in the future. Please specify the hourly rate, detailed arrangements at a later stage.
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Bożena Krawczuk
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The subject of the order is to create an animated intro to materials about legal issues in a format allowing to import it to video editor projects (e.g. DaVinci Resolve). Duration of animation between 20-30 seconds.

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20-30 seconds of thematic animation in a video format suitable for import into projects in video editing software.

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