Interactive store map based on graphics - for the website

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Job description

I am looking for a person who will prepare an interactive map of an object, e.g. a store, where, after hovering / clicking the mouse on a given area, additional information assigned to the indicated area will appear on the graphic (e.g. description of the room, parameters, PDF downloads).

Something like maps in shopping centers, but without a search engine. Just pointing to areas and getting information about them.

The whole thing should be embedded on a website, from where it will be embedded on another page into the iframe.

Please specify the suggested technology, price, and delivery time.

Preferable solution

I have an object render, the solution can be based on some available modules.

Required features

Desktop and mobile responsive version.

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Sławek - Web Developer, SEO

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Added: on 2021-09-02

Stary Wieloryb Web Development

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Added: on 2021-08-30


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Added: on 2021-08-26
Added: on 2021-08-25


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Added: on 2021-08-25


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Added: on 2021-08-23
Added: on 2021-08-23

Green Code Studio

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Added: on 2021-08-23


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  • crm
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Added: on 2021-08-23