Interactive map with graphic overlays (old maps)

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The map is to be based on the "google maps" platform and contain 3 language versions. The languages ​​are to be changed by clicking on the flag (in the form of graphics) - point 1

In addition, the map is to contain 3 overlays, which will be old maps (maps will be delivered in a cut and cataloged form). Changing the map is to be done as in terms of language) by clicking on the graphic - point 2

The map should be able to control the transparency via a slider. - point 4

Additionally, points are to appear on the map, after which a window will open when clicked. Points should have an individual icon, downloaded from the server.

The window is to contain graphics / photos, text (editable html), references to other points, and the possibility of switching to other external links - point 3

The position of the points is to be determined by entering the coordinates or manually setting the bullet point.

You will be able to add points yourself.

Graphical information about partners must also appear on the map - point 5

The map should also be correctly displayed on mobile devices.

I have and its functionality is to be very similar to the one in the link.

Required functions:

mobile version

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