Integration of Virgo Galactica API or XML files with Wordpress

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We are customers of Galactica (not to be confused with ASARI) since 2012 and we have a template website there, before that we had a dedicated one made, then we changed. In terms of operating program we want to stay with them, but not with their website. We are inquiring about the cost of making a website from a Wordpress template using for export of offers, their API Galactica Virgo (we have a key purchased from them) At this link is the api Galactica , or otherwise in the form of a live upload from their CMS support program - export of files in xml format with offers. Please review our current site: (it looks like it would be under Wordpress but it is not), we want the content and functions to be the same. Integrate the API of Galactica system (real estate ads) with wordpress so that the data downloaded by the API wandered immediately to the wordpress database and displayed correctly in the template, is to run automatically every certain period of time without having to do anything extra - updating the database.

Please send an offer for us in the form of an e-mail.

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Required features

Mobile version, next to offers email shipping links, pdf, social media sharing, map next to offer, credit calculator ii cost calculator, email notification of price change.

Preferable solution

We have but can be a standard wordpress template