I'm looking for someone to help me do a project in Flexsim - it's about optimizing the order picking process.

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    inpero.pl 6 deals
    We are looking for remote cooperation ( few hours per month) Managing and ensuring the security of the web server, managing mail and spam filters, managing the web server, based on Ubuntu 18 with Plesk Administration, configuration and monitoring of Linux onPremise and Cloud server systems. Please provide me with a price proposal for 1 hour and availability (response) time in case of urgent intervention (failure) As well as information on experience.
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    Skazani-na-sukces 172 deals
    Site performance tests
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will outsource performance testing on my site. I just want to see how the site will behave during a flurry of people. Any method, can be apache benchmark. I will give details (link) on priv
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    Hereda.Studio 2 deals
    Baselinker implementation for Presta Shop
    Proposed by freelancer
    The job will consist of connecting Prestashop <-> Baselinker. The data will be synchronized with the external system. The connection of Baselinker <-> External storage system will be the responsibility of someone else. That is, the purpose of the task is to synchronize the data provided by the external system to baselinker with the prestashop 1.7 store.
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    IT-Technology 30 deals
    Running Cron for osTicket
    Proposed by freelancer
    We need to run Cron for osTicket. We can fire up the Cron on a zenbox server or on a VPS running ubuntu. Currently Cron is working, but you need to log in to osTicket for new notifications to come, we would like notifications to come without logging in. Documentation is available at osticket.com https://docs.osticket.com/en/latest/Getting%20Started/POP3-IMAP%20Settings.html?highlight=cron
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    GAT 1 deal
    We are looking for a person to help us choose a server at a good price, configure it and then constantly take care of its correct operation. At the moment on the server is to be primarily a server for insert Nexo Pro programs and an integrator between the program package type and online stores. We care about remote access to programs from outside the company's network (can be on a VPN basis, or remote desktops - depending on the recommendation). At this point we want the server to be as cheap as possible, but with the possibility of further expansion if more programs are added.
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    GREKPOL 9 deals
    Responso box setup
    500.00 PLN
    Good day, I would like to commission a reliable person to set up a responso mailbox: - Creating agent accounts - Setting up tags - auto responder - quick reply templates - ordering of messages - setting up automatic actions I care about time and I am interested only in people who have already dealt with RESPONSO Best regards
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    SQD Alliance Sp. z o.o.
    Support in: -administration of MS Windows and Linux servers, MS Windows workstations, - Citrix Xen Server based virtualization, -management of corporate LAN, -management of WAN, VPN.
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    Este Group 2 deals
    I am requesting bids for a complete integration of the Bitrix24 system with the IdoSell platform
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    Marek Daniel 3 deals
    I will order a transfer combined with integration of exported HTML package from Wordpres to a new domain. The transfer and integration is for landingpage only. - Experience and working on Gitlab and Docker local environment required.
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    - Diagnosis of esklep in Google Search Console and Google Analytics. - Correction/repair of the settings made in GSC and GA. - Checking the correctness of settings and mutual integration also with Google Ads - Making the necessary changes to improve the visibility of the esklepu in the search engine.
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Other IT services
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general applications
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Job description

I have a "small" project to create in Flexsim. The idea is to make a diagram before optimization and after, which will lead to appropriate conclusions. The whole plan for the execution of the process is already there, just need to skillfully program the process, so that, for example, forklifts move in the right way

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Required functions:

having Flexsim software

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