I will commission the creation of visualization and animation of furniture

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    3D lamp model
    Proposed by freelancer
    Please give me a quote for the 3D model of the lamp shown in the attachment. It is about the model itself, without texture. Long-term cooperation possible.
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    Hi, I am looking for a person who can make distinctive thumbnails on YT. Turnaround time up to 3 days.
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    Izabela Chwała
    I am looking for a 3D design person for long-term cooperation to make realistic visualizations and furniture models. The scope of the task will include: 1. creating a realistic model of a bookcase: - Based on provided photos and dimensions. 2. Presentation of realistic bookcase: - On a white background. - In different color variations. - Presentation of the dimensions of the bookcase on the graphic. 3. Creation of a sample realistic interior design: - With the use of the bookcase model. This type of solution will be needed for 3 different dimensions of the bookcase. Please provide the cost of making the designs and the time of implementation. In the application, please also provide a link to your portfolio, IG or attachments with your work. The attached photos are an example of a "package of projects" for 1 bookcase project. The order is for 3 "packages of projects" with the same bookcase with different dimensions. The bookcase presented in the attachment is the one to which the order applies.
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    We are looking for people who have experience in creating 3D graphics of mattresses for e-commerce + some simple thematic graphics. We are willing to start a longer cooperation, we have prepared a description of the things we need. There is also a rebranding of the company's logo to be done, and visualizations of upholstered furniture.
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    Webeo.it 20 deals
    We are an agency specializing in web programming. We need to complete a project for our client that requires the help of a 3D modeling specialist. We are looking for a person to work with us on this and future projects. I am requesting a quote for the service of creating a 3D model of a boat to be embedded on a website. The model is to act as a preview of the boat's configuration, with a choice of 7 additional elements that change the appearance of the boat from the outside. The interior of the boat is not required. 3D model requirements: 1. base model of the boat: (a)Detailed, realistic appearance. b)Exterior of the boat without interior. 2)Additional elements for configuration (7 elements): (a)Elements may include, for example, different hull colors, types of sails, accessories such as rails, etc. 3 Technical requirements: (a) WebGL-compatible model or other technology that allows embedding into a website. b) Optimized for performance so that the model runs smoothly in web browsers. c) Ability for the user to rotate, zoom in/out of the model.
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    Daniel Zuba - UX Designer 1 deal
    I am looking for a person to prepare files for 3D printing Scope of order: Scaling models to the appropriate scale Hollowing out the model Placing drain holes Uploading models to Google Drive Software: any slicer, can be Anycubic Worshop, Chitubox Basic, Voxeldance Tango Trial etc. Billing by the hour or per model. Experience doesn't matter, if someone wants I can do training on how and what to do.
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    MelonPug 23 deals
    3D figure / rigged, lowpoly
    Proposed by freelancer
    HEY, I will commission the creation of a character rigged character style: cartoon lowpoly figure of a man in several clothes: - worker (vest, helmet, glasses, clothes, shoes, company logo on chest) - worker (vest, helmet, clothes, shoes, company logo on chest, flags in hands) - morning (pajamas, slippers) - casual wear (t-shirt, pants, shoes, sports bag on the back) reference screens https://www.dropbox.com/t/TE4pS4zmZmYMmQsz main reference - the style of the face and the whole character, proportions, etc.: ref4.png reference for character textures (i.e. solid color): ref1.png, ref2.png, ref3.png ideally blender acceptable FBX - which correctly import into blender please only bid for people who: - have similar figures in their portfolio - have a hello contact with them - have free dates in about 2-3 weeks
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    Implementation of visualization
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission 3d visualization, 3-4 visualizations of a house based on a construction project. Request for price range and estimated deadline.
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    Design for 3d printing based on jpg
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello I am looking for a person to work with - a 3d graphic designer who is able to create a design for 3d printing on the basis of uploaded graphic files (jpg). This announcement is to see if there are such people and what kind of expense should be expected.
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    socialpatrick 25 deals
    I need 4 realistic product photos of my mirror based on one original photo. These photos should show the mirror from different perspectives and in different contexts so that potential customers can get a better idea of what the mirror looks like and how it can be used. Details: Desired photos: Photo 1: Mirror photographed from the front, hanging on the wall in an elegant bedroom. Photo 2: Mirror photographed from the side, standing on a table in a modern living room. Photo 3: Your invention Photo 4: A mirror photographed with a detail, such as a close-up of the mirror frame or its ornaments.
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3D graphics
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Job description

I will commission a visualization and animation of furniture.

- visualization on bright/white background for thumbnails on marketplace/ecommerce,

- visualization in a room,

- animation of opening and closing of the furniture in the room,

Several shots:

1. furniture closed.

2. open furniture - without mattress.

3. open furniture - with mattress/bedding, etc.

Type and number of projects:

6-8 graphics, 1-2 animations