I will commission the creation of an ebook.

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Job category:
2D graphics
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Job description

I have prepared materials, I would like a competent person to make an ebook from this text.

What would need to be done?

- eye-catching cover

- nicely made graphically pages with sections and summary

Type and number of projects:

1 ebook about 30 pages

Recent jobs from category Design

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    Making two posters
    Proposed by freelancer
    Order needed as soon as possible:)
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    Making 3 graphics for social media
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I am looking for a person to make 3 graphics for me. Basically in the same theme and content, but I would like them to differ in some details, so that in 3 places they are not the same, but kept consistent. The graphics will include my photo and information about the offer. -background photo with an offer for a personal trainer, - photo on instagram with offer for personal trainer, -roll photo on instagram for personal trainer.
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    I have a number of stencils for Enduro cross motorcycles need a graphic designer who will make a veneer for the pattern based on the photo sent by me.
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    Poster preparation
    100.00 PLN
    I need to make a boolywood style poster. The poster is to be made from a photo and apply my comments.
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    I will commission the graphic design of the ebook cover along with the composition of the entire content - graphically and technically. An ebook on the interior design industry. For my part, I provide content, photos/graphics, infographics, initial ideas for mockups. A large role will be played by graphics and photos and skillful composition of them with the content of the text. It is important to include brand-specific colors in the design. The ebook is divided into more than a dozen chapters. It is 120 pages long, including the initial and final covers Requesting a quote and sending a portfolio and examples of completed projects that you think would fit the above.
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    Victory Media
    I am looking for a person with experience and portoflio to put together an ebook on legal topics. To prepare will be the cover and also the appropriate arrangement of the content written by a copywriter. Optional infographics and other elements to make the material more interesting. In total, the ebook will be 7-10 pages long.
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    Grzegorz Wykowski
    I am looking for a person who will make me a layaut of the offer for the client. I care about preparing graphics, icons, visualization of the process so that the client can get a comprehensive view of our company's offer. I will explain the details over the phone.
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    A new brand with big aspirations is looking for someone with experience in packaging design. The assignment is to design the look of: 7 product packaging + 2 shipping envelopes + 6 stickers in two sizes. Each design must be designed in 3 color versions. The packages are repetitive and will feature subtle differences. The designer is to create the look of the packaging, and print-ready files. I have the final design of the packaging grid, logo + sigil designed with attention to all details, visual brand identity, which includes: brand guidelines, colors, fonts, brand backgrounds, logo usage guidelines and more. Each package will include additional finishing in the form of UV varnishing, all packages will be foiled with softtouch film. 6 packages will require design and printing on both sides.
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    Piotr Jachimowski
    Logo design
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I am looking for a graphic designer to design a brand logo. Possible longer cooperation on other graphic designers. We have an initial idea but need someone with skills and a modern approach. Please send rate and portfolio.
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    Sebastian O
    "Political" T-shirt designs.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Part I'm looking for a creative person to send me a cool design for a politically-tinged t-shirt even without my suggestion. I currently have a few ideas myself and I am just looking for someone to help me transfer these ideas to "paper".