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    We need to expand our existing website, which is built on wordpress with the ability to buy service packages through it. In addition, we would like an overhaul and improvement of the current site (updates, performance, security, etc.). Our services work on a subscription basis - we want customers to plug in a card, from which a recurring payment is automatically charged, sometimes augmented by additional one-time services. We also need to be able to view current subscribers and payment status in real time. In addition, after the successful establishment of cooperation (the first purchase of a package), we want the customer to receive an automatically generated document (completed with the data provided by him). Once the order is completed, we would like to maintain the cooperation on the basis of permanent maintenance of the site (updates, taking care of security, performance, etc.).
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    Aleksandra Przybyło
    Hooking up payments to a wix store
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hooking up payment operator przelewy24 to a store put on the wix platform.
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    Este Group 2 deals
    I would like to request a quote for moving estesklep.pl store from IdoSell to the latest version of Presta Shop, as well as graphical and functional optimization similar to mintishop.pl website
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    Baza danych klientów 3 deals
    Store maintenance in WordPress technology
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a person who will take care of the site prepared in WordPress technology according to the indications. A person who will be able to make descriptions, run the store and mailing as indicated
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    The possibility for customers to choose the form of delivery inpost courier or to choose a parcel machine from the geolocator. Adding PayU payment method for shoppers to automate the process of sending the generation and sending the payment link. 7 day lead time.
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    Bookmarks: home page as landing page, about us, fleet, contact, types of rental, faq Call to action elements, booking calendar, rodo, graphic design of the site in accordance with the sign book. In addition: SEO optimization, content preparation. More details after contact.
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    Daftcode Ventures
    Setting up a website on WooCommerce
    Proposed by freelancer
    I'm looking for someone to put up a website using WooCommerce, preferably using a custom page creation plugin like Elementor. We will prepare the full design of the site in Figma on our side, so it's all about transferring the design to the WooCommerce environment and configuration as closely as possible. We especially care about proficiency in using page builders, since the site will be custom, and experience in optimizing page performance on WooCommerce.
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    I will urgently order the addition of the English version of the store on SHOPER - I have all the translations - configuration, translation of categories, adding prices in EURO, configuring shipping methods, adding seo and sem descriptions on subpages (I provide a database of key phrases, etc.). And also updating the display of products in the store on the PL and ANG versions: related products as variants (each color variant is a separate product, but on the product subpage you can switch between other available color variants - the customer can see what color options he has to choose from) + adding sorting by color in the store.
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    Urbancreative.pl 16 deals
    Improving the display of gross prices
    Proposed by freelancer
    I would like to have the prestashop based store improved Google ads are displaying the net price instead of the gross price - after using the debugger you can see that the problem is with the store, not the xml file. Some customers also see the net price directly on the store (mostly those whom the system identifies as non-Polish - some VPN?) until they add the product to the cart and try to buy it - then the gross pops up for them.
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    Urbancreative.pl 16 deals
    Migration of the store to a new template
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I would like to request a quote for migrating an existing store (prestashop) to a new server + new template. All existing functionality and content should be retained. Migration first to a test environment, after seeing that everything works smoothly - to the target domain. Switching most likely to the template :P17AT12 Tools store Template
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Online shops
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Job description

As in the title. Currently, for budgetary reasons, the store is hung on the wix platform. Despite the ease of use of adding products, the store is not integrated with Polish payment plugins.

Currently, the site looks like this: www.mystiqflare.com

What do I care about? (If I use unprofessional vocabulary, please forgive me)

- CMS - I can add products myself at any time

- 3-5 sub-pages, with the possibility to duplicate them

- newsletter signup

- options when selecting a product (size)

- blog tab ( easy to use)

- automation - sending an email after placing/sending an order

-pay plus shipping plugins

-tracking of visits to the site

-English version of the site

- contact form

-discount codes


-possibility to include other language options at a later time

- maybe other things that I didn't think of but are important.

Required functions:

Online payments, mobile version

Template / individual design: