I will commission a cover design for a book titled How to get sick well

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3D graphics
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I want a cover that relates to the book, and at the same time will be very stimulating to the curiosity of the person interested. Format of the book 14x20,5

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    Plantpur 6 deals
    I will commission realistic renders of a cradle mattress. The goal is to create images that detail the quality and characteristics of our product, highlighting its unique features and high quality workmanship. The scope of the order includes: Construction cross-section of the mattress: Render should detail the cross-section of the mattress, showing all layers and materials used. We expect an accurate and realistic representation of textures and construction details. Detail: We want to show close shots of key features of the mattress, such as sewing details, fabric textures and other elements that distinguish our product in the market. Mattress on white background: We also need renders of the mattress placed on a neutral white background, which will make it easier to present in a variety of marketing materials and on the website.
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    Plantpur 6 deals
    I am looking for a 3D graphic designer to take on the job of preparing high-quality renders of garden pillows. The project aims to show our cushions in an attractive and realistic way, which will be a key element of our marketing strategy. - Shot on a garden chair: The render should show the cushions placed on a garden chair, in a natural setting, highlighting the texture and colors of the product. - Cross-section of the cushion's construction: We also need a detailed cross-sectional shot of the cushion to showcase its construction and the materials used. We expect a realistic representation of each layer of the product. - Pillows on white background: We are looking for simple but elegant renders of our pillows on a neutral white background for easy incorporation into a variety of marketing materials. If interested, please send us a portfolio containing examples of your projects, especially those related to home or decorative products
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    Brand New Story 33 deals
    3d Footwear Model
    Proposed by freelancer
    We need, based on a real product, to create renderings of shoes to be used in a tool with such model functionality: https://www.vans.com/en-us/customizer.old-skool-classic.html Each model, should be able to rotate in full range. In addition, on each model must have marked areas for each component - sole, laces, upper. Sample photos of shoes of real models and a list of variables within the model I will send in a further message. Color variants/voices to be added on our side. I need an approximate quote and turnaround time for such a task or one model shoe at this time. If additional information is needed - I am available.
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    JF Technologie
    Product visualizations - 3D rendering
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission permanent product renders according to the scheme as products in www.sklep.jftechnologie.pl, optionally more elaborate - embedding products in space. I will ask for an offer with the price for 1 kpl: front shot + side shot I will provide sectional drawings and photos of prototypes. Currently I need a rendering for a product photo from https://sklep.jftechnologie.pl/podwaliny-pur-sill/356-18803-pur-sill-termo-prog-bramy-garazowej.html#/207-wysokosc_h-30_mm photos and drawings: https://1drv.ms/f/s!ArRBuppSjb_Ugd53t3qAWanrFBlSbg?e=2xmojZ
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    Strama - fabryka mebli 17 deals
    It concerns bathroom furniture mainly Please rate for 3 shots - front, side, open furniture. Shot on white background or without background. The coloring should be applied to the solid.
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    7 Regnum 12 deals
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order the making of 3D models ( decorative chains ) Description of the order in the attachment
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    Sebastian Ciecierski
    I am looking for a 3D graphic designer to help us modify already existing assets for Unity or help create new ones for a computer game related to the railroad theme. We need about 20 objects with two or three variations each. Possible longer cooperation on a commission basis.
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    Benler 51 deals
    Poszukuje wyjątkowo utalentowanego grafika 3D, który specjalizuje się w tworzeniu realistycznych scen produktowych. Jesteśmy na etapie rozwoju naszego portfolio i potrzebujemy kreatywnego profesjonalisty, który wizualnie opowie historię naszych produktów i wyróżni nas na rynku. Obowiązki: Tworzenie wysokiej jakości, fotorealistycznych renderów 3D naszych produktów. Praca nad różnorodnymi projektami, od pojedynczych produktów po skomplikowane sceny z wieloma elementami. Ścisła współpraca z naszym zespołem marketingowym i projektowym w celu zrozumienia i realizacji wizji kreatywnej. Wymagania: Bardzo dobra znajomość oprogramowania do modelowania 3D takiego jak Blender, 3ds Max, Maya lub podobne. Portfolio prezentujące umiejętność tworzenia realistycznych renderów 3D, zwłaszcza w kontekście produktowym. Zmysł estetyczny i umiejętność realizacji kreatywnych koncepcji w środowisku 3D.
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    We are looking for people who have experience in creating 3D graphics of mattresses for e-commerce + some simple thematic graphics. We are willing to start a longer cooperation, we have prepared a description of the things we need. There is also a rebranding of the company logo to be done.
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    Hello, We are looking for a 3d graphic designer to create 4ech 3d models Electrical installations - here will be to create electrical switchgear Telecommunication installations - cameras, monitoring, Building automation - flow of information from the computer Services, audits, measurements, design - a model showing that everything connects together in connection with human work. We have a creative concept and sample models. A simple animation of these models will be an added advantage I invite you