I am looking for an e-mail footer contractor.

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What I care about is the same footer view in the most popular email clients: Outlook, Apple Mail, G Suite, Thunderbird.

The footer should display well on cells.

The upside will be the preparation of the footer generator.

I am interested in making the footer according to the following parameters - the footer is attached (you only need to add the text "Pozdrawiam / Best regards")

1. Tahoma font - name and surname 11 points, the rest of the text 10 points.

2. Full name and line - color # b72937

3. Telephone fields will be 2. Some employees only have 1 number, others have 2 numbers.

4. Gray work station, the same or similar to the one in the logo. The rest of the texts are in black.

5. I would like the banner to be replaced (graphic change), with the possibility of changing the hyperlink (the path to the banner graphic will lead to our ftp)

6. The logo and banner should be coded, for example with - www.base64-image.de

6. The line under the logo and the banner should be of the same length.

7. Above the footer, the text "Pozdrawiam / Best regards"

8. Is it possible to make the e-mail of the website link, but not underlined?

Template as it would look attached.


Preferable solution

I have already checked the generators available online, but not all of them live up to my expectations.

Required features

Good visibility in the most popular e-mail clients and on the mobile version.

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