I am looking for a talented person in the subject of hand drawing graphics.

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Paula Yascoolski
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Graphic projects
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Preferable skills:
adobe photoshop
corporate identity
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Job description

We are in the process of creating a summer clothing collection and would like to have our new models of dresses, cardigans, tops drawn.

We are looking for talented people , who will hand-draw our new summer collection on models. We mean to present our products in such a way that they are drawn as designers do on a sheet of paper/cardboard on a person as a prototype of a conceptual model.

In our case, the models are already invented and ready because they are in the process of sewing and implementation into production, and we need to reverse this process, that is, from the finished sewn model, such as a dress, we would like to make a drawing / graphics of the project on the model as if it was a conceptual design.

People with experience in drawing are welcome to contact us and present their works in order to choose the most suitable for us.

Type and number of projects:

5 graphics hand-drawn in colors corresponding to finished clothing models , the photos of which we will send on the model to draw them by hand . Clothing drawings on the model can also be painted or colored with crayons. In the attachment I send an example of a review photo of what we would be interested in as a final drawing of one product, which we want to commission .

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