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    chociazby 2 deals
    Graphics for the podcast 🎤
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the preparation of graphics for the podcast. It is to represent me (based on a photo) and include the name of the podcast, possibly additional attributes that we will determine together. I attach sample realizations of such graphics. BUT! I do not want a copy of any of them, I want a more minimalist style and a different color scheme (in shades of beige, white, black). Examples only show the general idea of such graphics. Important note: I am not interested in amateur works made in Canva, I care about vector graphics made by a professional.
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    GrafikOnline.PL 18 deals
    I am looking for a motion designer who is hello good in after effects and premiere pro. I need a company logo before and a finished website. Please send me an offer with your portfolio
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    sprezynydobram 3 deals
    Proposed by freelancer
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    Sandra 6 deals
    Modern design
    Proposed by freelancer
    Experienced Graphic Designer with graphic sense - modern design I am looking for a person with high graphic skills for permanent cooperation. I care about the quality and ability to visually present usable graphics - banners, website element, graphics under social media with diagrams. Orders per hour.
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    Sklepedukacyjny 3 deals
    Rainbow with a cloud, as attached for the door of the kindergarten. Pastel colors with inscriptions, which I will give in the message + Cloud Welcome to our classroom! Generally similar design to what is attached.
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    Sklepedukacyjny 3 deals
    Rainbow graphics as in the attached file 6 colors, on each the name of the month and long strips that we can cut and attach clouds with children's names. Rainbow bright pastel color.
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    Kamil Pietrzkiewicz
    Making 2D graphics for children
    Proposed by freelancer
    Specification of essential terms of the order: The purpose of the order is to create a series of images with a given theme. Technical requirements for a single image: - images made in vector graphics technique (SVG format) - images in pastel colors, subdued colors - size of images for printing: 5cm x 6cm - pictures on a transparent background - pictures made with elements in single number (1 dog, NOT 2+ dogs) - pictures designed for children - required to rewrite the copyright of the images and allow free redistribution in any medium Themes of the images: - airplane - strawberry - dog - watch - lollipop - candy - block (e.g. lego) - blanket - bell - paintbrush - pig - leaf - bear (teddy bear) - earth (planet) - base (twig) - cake - stork - scarf - basket (wicker, shopping) - mouse - frog - mushroom (boletus) - chocolate (cubes) - duck (yellow, for bathing) - roe - Genie (a ghost from the Alladin fairy tale) - strawberry jam (in a jar with a label) ...and more
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    www.edibazzar.pl 4 deals
    Hello We are looking for a graphic designer to prepare miniatures for sale on Allegro Thumbnails will be prepared on the basis of photos available on the Internet with maximum processing so that they look like a unique item I am sending examples of Allegro auctions below, we are looking for such thumbnails as on this auction : https://allegro.pl/oferta/rant-obrecz-do-krojenia-ciasta-tortu-ciecia-biszkoptu-regulowana-noz-forma-15647254513 https://allegro.pl/oferta/deska-bukowa-na-przekaski-zestaw-z-miseczkami-3szt-do-serwowania-masterchef-15647322618 https://allegro.pl/oferta/zestaw-pedzli-plaskich-gabkowych-detalingowych-5szt-do-czyszczenia-auta-15602186551 https://allegro.pl/oferta/zestaw-pedzli-detalingowych-5szt-do-mycia-czyszczenia-samochodu-kurzu-auta-15602164718?fromVariant=15602186551 Requirements: fast turnaround time, creative approach to tasks, some of the graphics simply have to be invented by yourself standing order - 80-100 SKUs of new merchandise per month We need 5-8 graphics for each SKU At the moment we have such a graphic designer, but he cannot cope with the time, he has too many orders, so we are looking for another person who will do it price 5-7 zł per thumbnail Greetings,
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    Bestimal 1 deal
    Looking for a graphic designer to create visuals for a private label product. It is important that the person has experience working with packaging, brand work. Product branding, marketing materials ( banners), printed materials ( brochures, flyers). Transferring the design to grids.
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    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the design of a logotype. Graphic logo, name. Selection of appropriate color scheme and fonts. Key in the selection of the contractor is his previous portfolio. Offers without portfolio will not be considered. Possible further cooperation.
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2D graphics
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Job description

We are a Polish manufacturer of so-called small garden architecture, i.e. fences, hurdles and garden accessories.

Due to a brand change, we need the help of a graphic designer to redesign and change product photos. In most cases this involves making changes to the graphics (photos) we already have and preparing lifestyle photos using them.

You can see our products and an example of our existing graphics at: www.floranica.com.pl.

Between 5 and 8 photos need to be prepared for each product. Some photos will have captions in several language versions.

Before handing over the order, the person selected for cooperation will be asked to prepare one "trial" product so that we can get acquainted with their skills.

After the acceptance of the "trial" product and the production of several sets of paid "photos" for selected products, the contractor will be given the opportunity to start permanent cooperation and produce a set of graphics for our products.

If you are interested, please send me an offer.

Type and number of projects:

5-8 images (.jpg or .png) for each product + communication of 'sources'.