I am looking for a frontend developer who knows tailwind.

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    Mateusz 1 deal
    Excel VBA - Postman API
    Proposed by freelancer
    Order to write/run a macro to exchange information between https://doc.wfirma.pl/ and an Excel sheet
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    Proposed by freelancer
    Good Morning - we will commission the configuration and training of BASELINKER support with PrestaShop 1.6 (and 1.7 under development) in our company specific under allegro auction support. Integration, Testing, Training of a person with integration, options, modifications and operation of baselinker.
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    I will order to write a plugin/integration for Baselinker that will save the image to a folder on the local drive. The company sells posters, after changing the status of the order baselinker must save the file from the product gallery of baselinker warehouse to the local drive, which will then be printed. The number of files must be in accordance with the number of posters purchased, if the customer purchased 3 pcs of the same poster - baselinker must save 3 copies of the same file in the folder.
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    Bpower2 9 deals
    1. kafka Service create a module to connect to Apache Kafka module must contain basic configuration and verification of the connection to the service Kafka so that other modules can connect to it 2 GoogleCalendar-to-Kafka service create a microservice module googlecalendar-to-kafka- service the application must be able to configure the list of users - adding and removing them from the list of users to synchronize events the application must be able to connect to the Google Calendar of the selected person, to download his/her events and send them to Kafka in the form of an Event to check whether each user should have a topic or not necessarily the data that the service needs to store is: google calendar connection configuration for the user synchronization settings for that user ... and more!
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    PHP/JS Programmer
    Proposed by freelancer
    PHP/JS programmer with good knowledge of woocommerce environment. The assignment is for changes to existing and adding some features to an already finished plugin. Only people with experience.
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    Front-End (Angular)
    Proposed by freelancer
    To perform tasks on the Front-end in Angular. Anticipated time 600h (with option to extend). Eager for the assignment, please send me some resume/porftolio.
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    We are looking for an html/css programmer, with php basics, to modernize a tutoring industry website on a permanent basis. We have existing code, the site needs to be rebuilt successively on the basis of evolution, not revolution. We are interested in permanent, long-term cooperation. We can start practically immediately. Please quote an hourly rate for the work to be done. We also have a back-end programmer who will help implement into the portal engine. Please provide a portfolio. We care about a person who has a sense and good taste - we want to successively refresh the site, eliminating basic errors, shortcomings, but we care about a person to whom we will not have to point the finger at everything ourselves, but that it comes out naturally from the contractor.
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    Needs an application that will change in the incoming orders the courier selected by the customer, to the courier selected by us, and change the value of the shipment add it to the order as a commodity. Api documentation: https://www.idosell.com/pl/developers/api/api-admin/?action=documentation&function=packages
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    Arturito 2 deals
    Website BOT
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for someone from Warsaw (prerequisite) who will undertake to make a bot for several websites. Searching for specific information, copying it from other pages ( from the first one on which the specific information appears) and pasting it on another. Screenshoots in the attachment show the information on the pages using the Wappalyzer add-on. One is backend based, so here you will need knowledge of json. I don't really know what else you need, so more details and information in private message.
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    ContentCloud.pl 3 deals
    Easy Admin admin panel
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the creation of an administration panel for part of the functionality of an existing b2b system. Technologies: php, symfony, sql, Elasticsearch, Easy Admin More details for those interested. Implementation time: right away Budget: to be determined
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I am looking for a frontend developer who knows tailwind. Orders to code the appearance of individual graphic modules of websites/stores.

I am interested only in permanent good cooperation.

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