I am looking for a creative person with ideas for videos and editing skills

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I will establish a long-term cooperation with a person who has experience in editing videos, as well as has a head full of ideas for topics and the general outline of the videos, and is interested in business in the broadest sense, because in such topics will be recordings.

The key thing for us is precisely that such a person should come up with interesting concepts and topics for videos on business and sales topics. We are equally talking about long form and short form (e.g. shorts). Editing and topics should always be adapted to the most popular channels, such as YouTube, LinkedIn, IG, TikTok, Facebook.

In simple terms, we need a concept for a minimum of 1 longer video (the long form will primarily be used for YouTube) per week and several shorts and their subsequent editing/editing, once we have produced them. The one from the long form will also need to be cut into smaller pieces in a meaningful way for sharing on different channels and in different forms. We do not require social media support - rather, sharing will be handled by ourselves.

more to be discussed.

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To come up with a concept for 1 long film (from a dozen to a few dozen minutes) and 7 short films (from a few tens of seconds to a few minutes) and their subsequent editing.