Greenery project 1500m2 - estate square

Job category:
Expected budget:

1500.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
landscape design
Valid until:

Job description

I will order a basic 2D design of a green area. Only for people with a good portfolio. Please send me a link to the portfolio of greenery projects.

Type and number of projects:

1 - to start with 2 concepts

The surface area in sqm.:


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No one sends a job offer at this moment.

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    strama 1 deal
    Bathroom visualization 1 room - 3 furniture configurations 2 colors The furniture is in white and gray gloss You receive from us STEP files and exact coloration. Determined individually Projections: Furniture closed front Cabinet under the sink open detail Open angle
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    I own a cube house from the 1970s, and I plan to do insulation and replace the windows. The fence also already has a lot to be desired. Therefore, I am looking for a person who will do for me: 1. visualization, technical drawings and bill of materials for the paving and elevation, 2. visualization and list of materials for vegetation, 3. visualization and basic dimensions of the fence,
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    Order to draw a timber frame house 35m2
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order design drawings of a house in timber frame construction. This is an order for training and educational purposes, and not in connection with a permit or construction application. Therefore, you do not need to be a licensed architect to complete the assignment. On the other hand, an understanding of timber frame structures and some skill in drawing them according to the art is essential. You will need: a plan, elevations, several drawings of the structure, 3 sections, 1 visualization of the entire house. The idea is to draw the building according to the received freehand sketch with imposed materials. 35 m2 of built area, simple gable roof, with a mezzanine inside. Scope: Point foundation, solid timber foundation, frame walls, first floor with insulation, floor joists, I-beam roof truss, thermal insulation according to the guidelines, ventilated timber facade according to the guidelines, interior wall sheathing and partition walls according to the guidelines (natural plaster), window and door frames, stairs, roofing with sprinkled tile roofing.
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    HS Group 1 deal
    Less than 60 m2 apartment , developer state, bathroom design ready and idea for most issues too. Needs to lay out the lights, sockets and refine some issues using visualization
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    I will commission a project of 3 same houses in frame technology plus development of the plot with visualizations. House about 40 sqm. The concept is already there. Slaskie voivodship
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    I will commission a basic 2D design of a green area. Only for people with a good portfolio. Please send a link to your green space design portfolio.
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    Biuro-SKI 14 deals
    Interior design of office space
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the design of office space (170m2) with social facilities (130m2). The scope of the order: 170m2 office part: - full interior design and 3D visualizations - list of elements: furniture, equipment, white assembly with links to specific products - built-in furniture only where necessary - arrangement of lamps in the Armstrong ceiling adapted to the interior social part 130m2: - concepts of furniture arrangement, room arrangement and color scheme - list of elements: furniture, equipment, white assembly with links to specific products - without built-in furniture, furniture sets only available with short lead time - arrangement of lamps in the armstrong ceiling adapted to the interior Rooms in the office part: lobby, conference room, 5 offices, 2 toilets, kitchen, corridors Rooms in the social part: checkroom, bathroom, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, corridor CAD projection available with partition wall spacing for small adjustments. Order to start immediately, please apply only to those who have spare capacity to start immediately. Please quote the amount for the entire order.
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    Will commission the design of a garden at the segment - a show house at a development project. Area of 100m2 at the back, 50m2 at the front of the segment. Something standard, without oddities, so that you can see some idea of the architect. Budget for the implementation of 5-10tys - the cost of plantings and small architecture.
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    I will commission an interior design for a show house in a development project. 100m2 on 2 floors. I am interested only in experienced designers at a reasonable rate. The house is in Ozarow Mazowiecki. I will provide open files.
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    I will commission the design of a carport - a gazebo on a semi-detached estate. Customers are asking for a carport - the houses are without garages. He wants to prepare a ready-made design, integrated into the estate. It will serve as a model for clinets to use on their newly purchased property to be implemented by the clinet's own efforts. Please offer only architects with a "high" sense of aesthetics :)