Graphic Designs for Operating Instructions - Unique and Inspired by Existing Examples

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2D graphics
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Job description

We are looking for an experienced graphic designer to create a set of graphics for our product manual. The attached PDF file contains examples of graphics used by other companies in their manuals. Our goal is to develop graphics that are inspired by these examples, yet unique enough to avoid allegations of plagiarism and protect intellectual property.

Project scope:

Reviewing and analyzing the provided graphic examples.

Designing 22 new graphics that reflect the functions and assembly of our product, maintained in a consistent visual style.

Ensuring that the graphics are unique enough to be of independent artistic value and do not infringe on the copyright of the inspirational materials.

Prepare graphics for use in print and electronic versions of the manual, in appropriate formats (e.g. SVG, PNG, PDF).

Type and number of projects:

22 pieces of technical graphics

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