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    Lemon Concept
    Good day, I will commission the execution of graphic designs. Scope of work: making GRAPHICS for Internet and print (including websites, online stores, social media, logos, mailings, banners, catalogs, graphics for trade fairs, websites, cars, image graphics and much, much more). Form of cooperation: remote work, project work, assignments (for longer!), clearly defined expectations for projects, full support, smooth communication. Please contact me if you are interested - I will provide more details and current projects to work on. Thank you Agnieszka
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    I will commission graphics for a website of characters related to emergency services/uniformed services. The idea is to make characters on the pattern added to the order. The characters should have Polish uniforms and kept in a similar style. Characters to be made: paramedic, firefighter, policeman, doctor, nurse, soldier, possibly a person in covid protective gear. To make 2 graphics. In the first: for example, a policeman and a lifeguard are standing next to a store and holding a discount card in their hands, which they would be happy to use in a particular store In the second: a group of representatives of the above-mentioned professions stand in a group, smiling, proud.
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    Labels for wood varnish and paint cans
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I have to design/rebrand the entire graphic design of wood varnishes and paints. I have 15 products, and labels need to be designed for each. They are to have a common, consistent look. I am requesting a quote for the designs along with providing the files as I will be doing the printing/printing of the labels in-house. Please also quote how the prices will be distributed with the use of a bank of photos and what if I provide my own materials. Please also take into account the time of implementation and any additional costs that will be associated with the implementation of the order.
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    MQX Polska Sp. z o.o.
    Request for proposal; 1) comprehensive design of graphics for new website OR 2) implementation of website. You are welcome to cooperate with us Orderer - MQX Polska Sp. z o.o., 87 Grzybowska St., 00-844 Warsaw - Contact: tel. +48 608 880 819, - Our company deals with personal data protection and cyber security - We are looking for graphic support for this project and for permanent cooperation in connection with the development of sales of our services and products on foreign markets Description of the subject of the contract. Preparation of; 1) graphics for the new website or 2) implementation of the website; - We invite the Contractor to develop the author's graphics, we do not want to use graphics commonly available in image banks (a few photos can be purchased for the purpose of sub-pages). - The main web page, i.e. the product page should be original, for this purpose we will indicate ideas and hints by providing an EXPERIENCED PROJECT CONCEPT in PowerPoint, in order to create together an excellent professional graphic platform. - The website will target foreign markets. - The main site will be in English - Translations will be in German and Polish. - We have collected and verified excellent examples of foreign competitor websites that will inspire the Contractor. We have spent a great deal of time understanding the client's needs, so we are aware of what is expected and have prepared a PowerPoint design, collected links to the inspiration pages, purchased images for the sub-pages, prepared and described the key benefits and what should be in the graphics and on the main page. We have developed a mature design concept for the new website. 1) For the sake of understanding, we will add that it will not be some complicated graphics, but clear informational messages in form. We have the concept, the idea for the graphics, and now we need to materialize it graphically.
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    Gabriela Stec
    I will commission a logo for a land transportation company. I ask for at least 2 designs.
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    Fine Dine Europe
    I am looking for a graphic designer to create on a permanent basis: - banners - leaflets, brochures - newspapers - catalogs - graphics for POS materials and other assignments (graphics for the website, social media) The ability and experience in assembling catalogs and newspapers using data automation is key. Link to the newsletter template (usually about 200 products) Billing preferably on an hourly basis. We also ask for a preliminary estimate before the project. We will ask you to include a link to your portfolio. Translated with (free version)
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    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a person who will undertake to make 6 emoticons for platform . I am willing to take on a longer cooperation as well as to create a whole layout for twitch at a later date 8)
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    MK Studio
    I will commission a logo. Reporters - typography/brand name. Typography can be complemented by decorative elements. The logotype can be or not. Here I am counting on suggestions in this regard. Maybe an interesting font or embellishments will suffice. The logo should be associated with photographic reports and also with film ( the same attribute - the camera). It must look good in reduced as well as large format. Example in the attachment - font named Amsterdam Main version - typography and logotype in gold on a dark background(background not 100% black, with a slight noise and roughness) Second version on a light background/white - typography and logotype in autumn dark green. The design should be rendered in a vector file (preferably svg). Indicative budget.
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    Marcin Lewandowski 1 deal
    Good morning. Who are we? A company that distributes construction chemicals (foams, adhesives, silicones). We have an online store established on Shoper. Who are we looking for? A person who will comprehensively redesign the homepage of the online store. The work would include graphic preparation, in terms of UX, and implementation of the project in the store based on CMS Shoper. The best solution would be to work with a person with graphic design skills (or working with a graphic designer) and UX experience. If the cooperation would go well and both parties would be satisfied, we are open to long-term cooperation. In the near future it will be necessary to create a landing page for the campaign. Thank you in advance for all the answers and your time.
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    A4 flyer graphic design
    Proposed by freelancer
    To make a graphic design of an A4 flyer ((double-sided - one sheet) of the technical college of the selected (set) field of study. Addressed to candidates interested in the direction (high school students). Note - the design must be easily convertible to other formats - including social media, banners, roll-ups and be made to promote other majors of the university in the same way. What needs to be included - the name of the university and department, the address, the name of the major, the website and qr code. What we don't want - is spouting content. What distinguishes the chosen direction: - elitism (the first such studies in Poland) - innovation (21st century technology) No photos of our own - we want photos to be young people students/scientists working on, for example, electronics. You are supposed to see passion, innovation and collaboration from them 😊 We expect a quote for the work and an indicated portfolio in this subject.
Kinga Lazurek
Kinga Lazurek
Job category:
Graphic projects
Expected budget:

6000.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
adobe illustrator
adobe indesign
adobe photoshop
layout design
web design
Valid until:

Job description

For more than 3 years under Creago flag we realize projects related to webdesign, printing, social media and complex visual identity for emerging brands, rebranding and redesign.

We are looking for people with an open mind, responsible, looking for design challenges, open to diverse aesthetics and able to combine different design styles.


Designing creations for web design and social media.

Creation of graphics for advertising campaigns, websites, web banners, newsletters.


Knowledge of graphic software from Adobe package (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign).


Creation of graphics for social media according to their rules.

Established aesthetics documented in a portfolio.

Ability to design with compositional elements.

Attention to detail in the design process.

Ability to draw inspiration from current events for viral campaigns.

Adaptable knowledge of the history of art and pop culture in projects

Ability to adapt content and transform it into graphic materials for social media purposes

Ability to unconventional visualization of slogans and quotes created by a copywriter.

Feel free to contact me.

Type and number of projects:

One project with possibility of further orders