Graphic design and transfer to template for website, API connection

Job category:
Website development
Expected budget:


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Job description

We are looking for an experienced company or freelancer to make cosmetic changes to our website layout.

Scope of work:


Graphic design of the new website layout.

Transferring the graphic design to the existing Divi template in WordPress.

Maintaining the existing features of the site and optimizing the new layout for responsiveness.

Connecting the API to hrappka to make the company's ads visible on the website as subpages.

Expected skills:

Experience in designing WordPress-based websites, preferred using Divi template.

Ability to think creatively and propose aesthetic design solutions.

Knowledge of current web design trends.

Deadline for completion:

1st Quarter 2023

Please provide estimated project duration and availability to work on the project.

Preferable solution

Wordpress, DIVI template.

Required features

- mobile version (mobile first) - API connection - working on DIVI template

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