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    Vaio 7 deals
    We are looking for a contractor for an HTML template. To be made is the home page and 15 subpages + popups. The project is fully prepared graphically. There are also references for visual effects (sliders, animations, etc.). Front-end stack to be determined, with our types already here too.
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    AZ PR 3 deals
    Simple website, thoughtful user experience also in mobile. 1) About us 2) Cooperation 3) Blog. Includes: - integration with newsletter (MailerLite) - integration on server + domain - smart UX, so that the Internet user doesn't get lost and I don't blush that a ram designed my site badly xD The site is to have as little text as possible, except for a subpage: blog We provide: logo, texts. We know how to use wordpress. We value: reliability, honesty, attention to detail. We do not value: delays, shortcomings, taking shortcuts (copying ideas).
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    Website in Wordpress - not from a template.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, We will outsource the making of a website IN WORDPRESS, NOT FROM A SCRIPT 🙂 . We are looking for a person who will be responsible for making a website from A to Z. We want the site not to be made from a template. We anticipate moving elements etc on the site, so it is important that it is also properly optimized. Initially there would be 3 tabs: home page, tab 1 - our services bookmark 2 - knowledge base, or blog bookmark 3 - contact. A site about the IT/construction industry. The site would be more or less in the visual identity of our main site: ➡ It would be nice if you knew graphics too! We are counting on you to be able to match everything visually, and it would be great if you could do the graphics for the site. ➡ If you are interested, please ask for a PORTFOLIO. ➡ Rate to be determined. Included in the photos is a basic visualization of what the page layout would + - look like.
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    Malgrab Nieruchomości
    Corporate identity + web
    Proposed by freelancer
    I need to create a visual identity for a homestaging company - name, email, domain, logo, business cards, color scheme, template on FB, IG, website. Website rather simple, with a few tabs (about me, portfolio, contact form, store).
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    Commissioning a website in Wordpress
    Proposed by freelancer
    Site in Wordpress, free Elementor, tabs: Home, Offer, Realization, Contact, Offer>2 subpages, Realization >in blog form.
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    pawluq 1 deal
    I will order to build a site on wordpress, on the basis of existing You should keep all the basic main options, the entire layout of the site, payments, etc.
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    I will commission a site under Real Estate and related services. The site must include several forms with automatic emails through Mailer Lite (I will already prepare by me). It must also have the ability to select services such as buying, brokerage, prospecting. The site also has to implement a module under "Blog" That is, articles about our operation and also to have a place under the Feed from Instagram/facebook. Elementor is preferred (in case of termination of cooperation I would also be able to manage), but I am open to other solutions. I have a few sites I would like to follow, but I will pass this on after some conversation to determine the details :) Budget to be determined individually depending on the offer.
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    simple business card page ( 3 pcs.) about the candidate program /sometimes a description of the committee with photos/. contact
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    BartoszB 11 deals
    WordPress + WooCommerce Optimization.
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for someone who can optimize a WordPress + WooCommerce based website. It's all about faster uptime. I care about sustainable optimization. If the server also has a big impact on the whole thing, I will consider changing it.
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    Order a website for a construction company
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order the creation of a website for a construction company, 2-5 pages, with a contact form. Possibility of editing by the owner. No graphic design, need help in buying hosting. I expect a proposal with a quote and portfolio.
Memola Lab. UG
Memola Lab. UG
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Job category:
Website development
Expected budget:


Preferable skills:
Facebook Pixel
google analytics
Google Tag Manager
Valid until:

Job description

Good day,

I am looking for someone to connect these things decently and define the standard events for GA4, GTM & Meta. I already have the connections and accounts, but it's not working 100%. This needs to be checked and configured decently.

Greetings Zbyszek

Required features

Checking previous connections and configurations. After reconnection and configuration - clear and readable data collection

Preferable solution

The site is on WordPress - preferred connection via code. There is also the possibility of connecting via plugin - if that makes sense.