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Hello, I represent a company that wants to base its business on the Odoo platform - I need contractors with: very good knowledge of Phyton, knowledge of PostgreSQL, Apache, HTTPD, knowledge of Ubuntu and Centos operating systems, knowledge of business, accounting and sales processes. Contractors must be well organized in their own work. Cooperation with the programmer responsible for events and coordination of the entire project. I do not want to work with the agency, the offer is for individual programmers who meet a certain level. The whole project is implemented with the participation of a team supervisor who is responsible for events and work controls, in order to work with us you need to be responsible for maintaining your code so that it can develop and not roll ... You will not earn with us on vacation, you will work hard for our success.

Below is what to do, the scope of work and odoo plugins will result from programming skills. You will also need a UX creator to implement these frontends.

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csshtmlhtml5javascriptmagentoonline shoppayment moduleslicing htmltemplatesweb sitewoocommerce

Template / individual design:

PrestaShop - the target environment is Phyton and Django overlays to work directly in Odoo ERP

Required functions:

online payments, mobile version, additional API, etc.


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