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    Manufacturer's brochure , change of logo and address information. The brochure is in the process of translation.
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    I am looking for a person with equipment and skills to take product photos (simple packshot) of jewelry - white background, retouching. 11 pieces of individual items (4x ring, 4x bracelet, 3x necklace) + 5 photos of sets (composed of higher elements). This is all above x2 (since there is a silver and gold version) Possibly for gold can be converted in the program if you do not fit into the budget. It is about product photos, simple.
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    Simple photo editing
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    I need to put a picture of the frames on the background of the interior of the apartment. I have a simple assignment for a skilled graphic designer. You need to cut out the moss frame element from the photo I will send and place it on the background of the interior of the apartment in various combinations. Initially I need about 20 visualizations. To the photos I add an example of the visualization that will need to be done.
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    Damian Nowak 1 deal
    I am looking for a photographer with access to models for erotic photo sessions. Execution of orders in apartments for strip sessions. No extensive experience required. I am looking for someone conscientious, with reasonable money. The duties will include finding an apartment, choosing the right model, taking photos in different outfits and contacting the model through the photographer. Standing orders.
Fundacja Conlea
Fundacja Conlea
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500.00 PLN

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Poszukuję fotografa eventowego na 100-osobowe wydarzenie (Meetup by Conlea), które odbędzie się 16 maja w Poznaniu o godz. 16:00. Miejsce: Siedziba Allegro. Adres: ul. Wierzbięcice 1b, 61-569, Poznań

Godziny pracy 16.00- 20:30. Oddanie zdjęć: kolejnego dnia do godziny 12.00. Kilka zdjęć obrobionych jeszcze w czasie eventu (będzie na to czas). Zdjęcia prelegentów, netwrokingujących ludzi, zdjęcia z warsztatów w małych grupach w salkach.

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Allegro, parter, ul. Wierzbięcice 1b, 61-569 Poznań

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