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    noSKY 4 deals
    We are looking for a person who will generate in AI for us such prompts that will fulfill generate visualizations of buildings illuminated with linear led lighting that we sell.
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    AI Designer/Constructor
    Proposed by freelancer
    The order is to include the generation of new product concepts using Chat GPT-4 ( Very good knowledge of this tool required) according to the guidelines, and for some translate them into the designer software. Preferably a person who knows at least the basics of the constructor's work - a designer, engineer, student at the University of Technology.
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    Commissioned to perform 3D graphic design and visualization of hardwood furniture, such as dressers, nightstands, and tables. The scope of the order includes: Creating 3D models: Creating detailed 3D models of furniture based on provided specifications and sample furniture. renderings: Preparation of high-quality visualizations of products in various color and material options. Production of high-resolution renders that can be used in both marketing materials and product catalogs. Revisions and corrections: Taking into account comments and making necessary corrections to models and visualizations. Provide several corrections within the agreed budget. We are committed to high quality execution and timeliness.
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    Need 4 visualizations of kitchen furniture in the interior of the kitchen. Each visualization with a different furniture front (4 front models I will provide in OBJ files). That is, one scene with 4 times replaced fronts. Each of the new fronts in a different color scheme. Please ask for a quote.
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    I am looking for a graphic designer/graphic artist for permanent cooperation, to create visuals in blender. I provide all product solids and ready-made compositions. Range per month from 12 to 30 graphics. Production for one brand. Mostly the object of the order will be to change the background, to tilt the product in some more or less defined way. No modelling of strange shapes, leaves or other such crazy stuff. Mass production, so to speak. Orders based on the principle of preparing one specific "package" of visualisations, rather than each piece being consulted separately. I provide all files, textures and historical works. I would be grateful for offers. Identical order every month.
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    Call for collaboration - 3D animation
    Proposed by freelancer
    As a company operating dynamically on the Polish market, with a widely developed marketing sector, we would like to invite a 3D graphic designer to cooperate with us. We would like to commission a short 30 second 3D animation. We already have the 3D and 2 D renders. If you are interested, please contact us and we will send you the script and all the advertising materials.
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    Exterior house visualisations
    Proposed by freelancer
    Bespoke Homes specialises in the design and construction of homes. We will commission external visualisations of the houses that make up the company's portfolio. We care about quality (as photorealistic shots as possible) and short lead times. The order is for a package of exterior visualisations for the houses: Scope of the order: 1. making photorealistic visualisations (package of 7-15 shots - please indicate what is the price for the packages and what packages you offer). The idea is to build a portfolio similar to the one on the websites: https://www.homekoncept.com.pl/produkt/projekt-domu-homekoncept-81-g2/ and https://projektstodola.pl/produkt/projekt-stodola-smart-plus/ in the style of the naj on the attached photos 2. a short film / animation showing the building (it can be a simple form of moving the image horizontally) Please include: - a package quote, - a deadline for completion from the time of the order - send a portfolio of completed projects.
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    MoxieAgencjaKreatywna 205 deals
    For our GSM client we are looking for a graphic designer or agency with experience in creating 3D visuals and renders. The assignment will be to prepare render packages for ecommerce products e.g. chargers, cables, power banks ect. A single package for a product includes: - 2x shots of the product on a white background - 6x lifestyle visuals (product in an office environment, in use, at a computer etc). Visualisations and renderings will be created from 3D models or in some cases from the product. Please send us: - a quote for one package - a quote for permanent cooperation with 5 packages per month - examples of existing 3D visualisations of GSM and/or similar products -the expected date of completion of one package -the expected date of completion of 5 packages per month. Applications will be accepted until 24 May. Selected candidates will be contacted around 28 May. We will only consider applications with a quote and portfolio.
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    Olimp 11 deals
    Preparation of 3 engravings/graphics in ISOMETRIC CHART 3d style
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    Hello I am looking for someone to make realistic 3 d renders (something like this https://www.visualform.pl/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/000127___002_1280x640-1024x512.jpg) with emphasis on specific and detailed tile. 1 tile on some nice house with some surrounding trees etc (something like here https://www.visualform.pl/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/000127___002_1280x640-1024x512.jpg). I need 4 renders on the roof from different angles i.e. 4 images preferably in 4k quality.
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3D graphics
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Job description

I am looking for a person,

To make arrangements, make spars, 3d arrangements

1. cut on a white background - not from photoroom - with appropriate shadows

2. arrangement of a given model - What matters to us is that the end result is as close as possible to the photo and the arrangement itself is chosen with taste matching the style of our furniture.

3. possible - 3D arrangement

If you have any questions, I am at your disposal.

Please send me your works.

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Looking for permanent cooperation