Design (UX) and graphics (UI) for a 2d mobile game

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Paweł Woroniecki
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Design and 3d
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mobile games
UX design
vector graphics
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Job description

I am developing a simple mobile game that is almost ready. However, I feel that in terms of user interface as well as graphics there is a lot of room for improvement. Therefore, I need:

1. consultation in terms of UX i.e. design changes, within the existing game screens (several menu screens + game results). Maybe a change on the existing screens is enough, or maybe it will be possible to organize it better and arrange the options in the following menus in a completely different way, to make it easier for the player.

This is the point I care most about. I need someone who can effectively advise what I should change in the game.

2. graphics (UI) - I already have most of the graphics done by previous designer, but since then the game has been expanded with some new elements, so probably some additional graphics (icons) may be needed to make the design look nicer. Here I would like to keep the graphical consistency with what has been done so far.

If you are interested, I will also provide you with screenshots or a video of the game, where you can see exactly how it looks like - I also understand that you may need it to estimate the cost, so in this case please specify any cost and write a message, and in response I will send you all necessary materials, based on which you will be able to update your offer with a specific price and deadline.

I will also send any additional information you need, e.g. about fonts or colors used so far.

If you have any questions - please write.

PS. I plan to add more elements to the game, so if we are able to successfully close this order - I will also propose another.

Type and number of projects:

Consultation and proposals of changes in the design (UX) in the form of mockups Additional graphics, which will be necessary to implement the proposed design