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    3D animations
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a person who is very good at creating 3D animations/visualizations, the idea is to model 6 interior objects and present them, each in a several-second presentation.
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    Food stand design
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person to design a food stand, specifically an island. Materials such as graphics/logos will already be ready- we are looking for someone to visualize it for us in 3D.
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    Progress S.A. 20 deals
    I will commission a photorealistic visualization of a 16m x 28m hall, We would like to include in the visualization of the hall: - the color of the walls and the roof is anthracite - roof pitch angle 8% - skylights - height of the hall 4.5m - gate 4m x 4m - entrance ( display window) - logo Please find attached a handwritten sketch of the hall and the perspective from which we would like to show it, We are very keen on a fast turnaround time, no later than 05.07.2022 ( i.e. Tuesday)
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    DDITEAM Sp. z o.o. 44 deals
    The order includes a preliminary visualization of the line according to the guidelines. On the attached picture more or less the scope. General visualization. First part. The next one is more detailed. Larger example description:
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    Krzesimir Kotowski 2 deals
    Creating a 3D avatar / VTube
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good Morning, I am looking for a person who can create a vtube avatar in 3D. Ultimately, the avatar is to be placed on the YT channel, Insta and TikTok as a "moving actor" leading the channel. Created avatar should refer to the company logo (a combination of monster and ghost). It is required to transfer all usage rights to the client
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    I would like to make a 3D model in Sketchup of a single-family house based on drawings from an architect. The model must be compatible with Lumion software in order to visualize both the interior and exterior so the dimensions are important, especially the interior rooms. The building has a two floors and basement. [3 levels] The project can be extended additionally (with a separate cost arrangement) by placing interior textures (walls, floors, doors, etc. - but without furniture and accessories - this can be another additional option).
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    Boring Owl 3 deals
    3d clothing model
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a freelancer with experience in working with 3d graphics. To make a 3d model of a garment and consultations before making the model
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    Arrangements - youth rooms, home office
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I would like to commission the design of youth rooms and home office. The expected specific style and models of furniture for the room provided by the customer. Other accessories and equipment of the room on the side of the contractor. Set for 1 room: o Isometric projection; 1:1; 2048x2048; 72 dpi o Desktop layouts (2-3 shots per room) - 16:9; 2560x1440; 72 dpi o Mobile arrangements (similar to the above shots but different scale) - 4:3; 2560x1920; 72 dpi In total there are about 30 sets to be made. Please give me the price per set. I am interested in a long-term cooperation.
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    kemada 5 deals
    Hi. I have an architectural and construction design of a house in printed form. I would like to add a digital sketchup to it so that I can work on it later - make visualizations, use it to design architecture around the house. I will ask for recommendations on how best to do this, what do you suggest?
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    The order includes: 3d model of a production hall (a simple solid, sandwich panels technology) based on architectural drawings and creating visualizations presenting the elevation project (3 shots, 3 variants of the project, so a total of 9 visualizations). On the elevation probably will be luminous logotype or other such elements.
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Paweł Woroniecki
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Job category:
Design and 3d
Expected budget:

Proposed by freelancer

Preferable skills:
mobile games
UX design
vector graphics
Valid until:

Job description

I am developing a simple mobile game that is almost ready. However, I feel that in terms of user interface as well as graphics there is a lot of room for improvement. Therefore, I need:

1. consultation in terms of UX i.e. design changes, within the existing game screens (several menu screens + game results). Maybe a change on the existing screens is enough, or maybe it will be possible to organize it better and arrange the options in the following menus in a completely different way, to make it easier for the player.

This is the point I care most about. I need someone who can effectively advise what I should change in the game.

2. graphics (UI) - I already have most of the graphics done by previous designer, but since then the game has been expanded with some new elements, so probably some additional graphics (icons) may be needed to make the design look nicer. Here I would like to keep the graphical consistency with what has been done so far.

If you are interested, I will also provide you with screenshots or a video of the game, where you can see exactly how it looks like - I also understand that you may need it to estimate the cost, so in this case please specify any cost and write a message, and in response I will send you all necessary materials, based on which you will be able to update your offer with a specific price and deadline.

I will also send any additional information you need, e.g. about fonts or colors used so far.

If you have any questions - please write.

PS. I plan to add more elements to the game, so if we are able to successfully close this order - I will also propose another.

Type and number of projects:

Consultation and proposals of changes in the design (UX) in the form of mockups Additional graphics, which will be necessary to implement the proposed design